Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Call: Testimonies

Welcome to Karrots' room!

She's been sleeping in here all by herself for a few weeks now (*tear!). The day after my birthday my brother came over and went to Babies R Us with us to pick up the glider and order the crib. A little over a week after that we finally got her crib in. She didn't sleep in it for a few days though because we didn't have a mattress. As you can see, it's all finally here and organized! Diana Spink hemmed the curtains, the Dwyers put them up, and I arranged the pix on the wall. We also have some of her clothes hanging now that she has a closet!
The only thing we've changed since this pic is adding a shelf above the changer to put the wipes and the iPod, which is constantly playing worship music. I find it helps her sleep and gives her a joy and peace throughout the day.
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Prayer Request for Karrots

I week or so ago Karrots started getting little red spots. You can't see the detail, but it's dry and flakey. I wasn't too worried about them because they didn't seem to bother her and she didn't have any other sickness.

Then she woke up yesterday with a runny/stuffy nose and scratched one of the spots on her back to bleeding. This morning she woke up with these scratches on her forehead:

There aren't THAT many spots - maybe ten - but they're itchy.

I'm contemplating bringing her to a pediatrician just to see what they say the spots are. Are they eczema, allergies, chicken pox? Please pray that this will go away.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus' Pedicure

I saw this set-up at our church a couple months ago and it cracked me up...

Our pastor's wife randomly set the Avon stuff right by the picture of the woman cleaning Jesus' feet. I guess this was as good of a pedicure as he could get without being too feminine...
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