Saturday, October 25, 2008

Be Our Guest!

As it's taking some time to completely finish the house up the way we would like, I thought I'd give you all a tour little by little.

One of our four bedrooms has been deemed our official guest room. So far all it has is a full bed and curtains - besides a closet we're using for storage. The bed used to belong to my brother, who left it at my parents'. We bought all new sheets (one set is flannel) and bedding for it.

Guest bed

If you stay with us you'll also have access to the guest bathroom, which is across the hall from Karrots' room. We bought all new towel sets, a rug, and counter accessories (toothbrush and soap holder). The paintings on the wall are from our friends, the Spinks. My dad completely remodeled it with granite counter top, red oak cabinet, medicine cabinet, mirror, new toilet, new tile and fixtures, etc.

So for you out of towners (and babysitters!)...these are the amenities you have to look forward to!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

My hubby has been my support from day one. He hears me out on any subject, makes decisions with me (even if he feels they're trivial), and backs me up on those decisions.

As my blog proves, all throughout my first pregnancy I did major research for each test or procedure that was considered normal. He supported me when I chose not to birth at a hospital (thank you Carrie!) and on every decision I made to keep natural when the midwife was questioning me and threatening us with a deformed baby.

Holding me through a contraction

During labor, he missed work to be sure to see me through each contraction I needed him for. When our midwife was trying to force her advice, he was there speaking truth and pushing what I felt was needed. He convinced her to let me rest and made sure she knew we were going to fight her tooth and nail if we had to. Big Red was also there holding me up during pushes when I refused to lay in the bed to work the baby down.

Holding me up while I was pushing

When my dad asks when I'm coming back to work, I always refer him to Big Red. He supports me in staying at home and never complains or calls me lazy for it. He always compliments my meals, being honest about if I should try them again, but making sure I know the effort was appreciated.

Since we moved I've been spending quite a bit more money to make this house a home for us. Not once has Big Red mentioned if he thought any of it was unnecessary or wasteful. I think he likes that I put effort into being a home-maker.

I know that when I start homeschooling or any other project he'll be cheering me on. I don't have to fear disapproval or judgement from him because he respects my opinions and who I am.

The list goes on and on!

Honey, thanks for being my support and ultimate partner. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy and labor with Karrots or be so successful in being a home-maker without you. Thank you for always hearing me out and honoring me. I love you!

Who Needs to BUY Toys?!

Karrots and I hung out a bit at Target after looking for specifics. I put this adorable bunny hat on her and turned her loose. Of course, she goes straight for the toy isle. This toy cracked me up...actually, the way she responded to it cracked me up!

I love the "Try Me" buttons! This may be a gift idea for Christmas...she loves music and dancing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Midwife Appointment for #2

Big Red finally got time off of work! For this trip, we made sure to stop by Big Red's parents'. We headed out after a meeting he had on Monday and stayed the night with mom and dad. We had a special dinner and got to hang out with Carrie and the kids as well, and got some fresh fruit and applesauce to take home - gotta love it!

Tuesday we headed to Bakersfield after breakfast to see Brenda, our midwife. She's a traditional midwife and the appointment was much different than that with our previous midwife. For one, we met in her bedroom, on her bed.

This appointment pretty much covered the basics. She gave us some paperwork for us to fill out on personal and medical history information. We learned that the birth kit will be under $40. She measured my fundus (29") and used her stethescope to find the baby's heartbeat, which took a long time as the baby was hiding it right behind my arteries so it was difficult to hear over my pulse. She then checked my blood for iron to make sure I wasn't anemic. This only took a little prick so I didn't pass out. *;o) I also hopped on the scale. (I've gained around 20 pounds since getting pregnant.) No urine test this time because she didn't have any strips...not that I'm worried since we've banned sugar the last 20+ days.

The visit was very relaxing and welcoming. She loves to talk and tell stories and hopes to be considered a friend by the time the baby is born. When Karrots got fussy Big Red was able to walk out their door and check out the backyard and dog with her. It's definitely NOT like going to the Dr. No pressure, no waiting, no feeling inferior, no receptionist, no cold tables or cold hands.

From here on I'm planning on seeing my friend, Brenda's assistant, Christy, who lives in Whittier, for my prenatals. She'll either be coming here or I'll being going to her place. Christy recently became an official traditional midwife for all of you worried out there. She also has a chance of catching the baby if this one's labor is quicker, which I'm sure it will be quicker than 48 hrs.