Friday, August 8, 2008

New Music

I went to school with one of these guys - Russ. Check out their music! (The videos aren't the best, but the music's worth listening to...)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crock Pot Lasagna

I got this recipe from Raising Arrows and tried it today. It was super easy and quite scrumptious! It's simply noodles, sauce, cottage cheese, and shredded cheese. I used the "no boil" noodles and it came out a little over cooked, but it was yummy enough that Karrots ate it!

Realty Reality

After looking at houses and dreaming of moving to a bigger place, putting money into something that would be an investment and that we would eventually own...we looked at our budget.

Considering we like our lifestyle and being able to give (to others and ourselves), we've decided that it would be best to continue renting and to save up more money for a down payment. This would help us avoid paying for the house 3x over and hey, the kids won't care.

SO! If anyone knows of a rental from here to Azusa, that's a 2 bedroom with laundry...let us know! We are also entertaining the idea of moving in with some friends from church (who just sold their house) by looking for a place we could both rent together. There was a 5 bedroom they had their hearts set on, but that won't be available until at least Sept. and they have to be out by Aug. 29. Ideally this would be closer to church and end up being cheaper for us. Also, Big Red likes the idea because the dad is at home most days and I wouldn't be alone. (Must be pretty close friends to be okay with our soon to be homebirth!)

Please be praying for us! That we'd find a good place and would be able to save, i.e. disciplined!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Party

Just another reason I love my family...

My grandma and grandpa dancing

My dad throwing my cousin around on the dance floor

Happy Birthday Uncle Greg and Aunt Judy!

My uncle singing to my aunt

And, of course, my mom was there to help watch Karrots

Housing Update

Well, we've been unofficially approved for a loan that's a bit bigger than what we were hoping for. Yeah! That process started last Wed.

This weekend and the weekend prior we checked out some houses. There were more shown this weekend. The first house we saw was a city over from our church and is a two bedroom, one bath, with central air, cherry wood laminate flooring in the living room, fairly new roof, a separate laundry room, a one-car garage and an enclosed patio. It's got a pretty big backyard, but all the grass throughout is dead as no one's lived there since April. I guess it was purchased by an investor who put $410,000 into it and the place is now appraised for $315,000 and is a short sale. A little over our budget (and kinda small), but it's Big Red's favorite so far. He said we could live there for a few years before having to do anything to it:

Front of the house

Back yard

Yesterday we saw a bunch in Azusa, where our church is. My favorite is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 942 sq. ft. (not including enclosed patio) on a lot of 5,720 sq. ft., with central air, 2 car detatched garage with drywall and electric, an enclosed patio with laundry, cherry wood floors in eating area and living room, a nice size yard, copper plumbing, and an owner with good taste in ceiling fans and other accessories. This one is a short sale as well, but the first lender already approved for $305,000 and the other is ready to give the approval (according to the specs). I think it's gorgeous. Big Red sees the work he'd have to put into it - painting the outside and hiding the wiring leading to the garage (making it underground instead of hanging from roof to roof). There are a few other minor things, but nothing we couldn't do ourselves:

Front yard

My fave's garage and entertaining area out back...yard is bigger.

Back enclosed patio where the laundry is.

Living room and dining area - note the flooring

Kitchen - need new stove and fix the corner cabinet

Another house from yesterday was a dream inside, but not so much for the neighborhood and such. It had beautiful built in cabinets throughout, a perfect kids room, gorgeous tile throughout and in the bathroom, partial A/C, a huge separate laundry room with a second full bathroom attatched for guests, a firplace, a built in pool, an avocado tree, etc. BUT it was majorly fenced off from outside for reasons. Plus Big Red wasn't sure about the roof/attic and if the addition in the back was permitted or had leakage or other issues.

One near my favorite was a three bedroom, one bath, with a good size living room and yard, laundry in the kitchen, fairly new carpet and h/w floor, and a maid quarter built on with its own entrance. Could be for guests or to rent out...But we're pretty sure it's not permitted and while Big Red pulled on the roofing it gave quite a bit...not ideal!

We revisited my favorite one so far today for an open house and are thinking of placing a bid on it. I just want a quick move for us so I can help move stuff and not sit helplessly around with the excuse of being pregnant, exhausted, and my belly getting in the way.

Anyone up for helping us when we move?!