Saturday, June 28, 2008

30 Reasons God Heals

These are from Todd Bentley at the Florida Revival a couple nights ago:
  1. The Love of God. (Mt. 14:14)
  2. God is bound to His Word. (Titus 1:2)
  3. God wills it. (Mt. 8:2-3; story of the 10 lepers)
  4. Mass evangelism/Soul winning. (Jn 6:2)
  5. Demonstration of God's Deity. (Mk. 2)
  6. To fulfill prophetic word. (Mt. 8:16-17)
  7. Faith. (James 5:15)
  8. Healing anointing. (Habakuk 3:3-5)
  9. To prove His ministry. (Acts 2:22)
  10. To see beyond the signs - Healing point to the Healer. (Jn. 6:26)
  11. He is risen! (Heb. 13:8)
  12. Healing commission. (Jn. 14:12; Mt. 10:7-8; Lk. 9:2)
  13. Repentance. (Mt. 11:21-23)
  14. For us to believe in the supernatural power to do the impossible. (Jn. 11)
  15. God is good! (Mt. 7:11)
  16. God is sovereign - He does whatever He pleases. (Ecc. 8:3)
  17. Direct connection to ministry of giving. (Acts 9:36-37; 10:1-4)
  18. The Gospel. (Rom. 1:16; Mk. 16:19-20)
  19. I am a friend of God. (Jn. 15:15)
  20. The glory of God. (Mt. 15:33)
  21. The curse of the law. (Rom. 8:2)
  22. Mk. 5:27
  23. To destroy the works of the devil. (Ex. 15:26)
  24. The Name of God
  25. Communion. (1 Cor. 11:29-30)
  26. The gift of the Spirit
  27. The Name of Jesus
  28. Filled with the Spirit. (Gen. 1 - the nature of the Holy Spirit is creation)
  29. I am saved
  30. Miracles are in the kingdom of God. (Mt. 6:10)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Florida Revival - God on Demand

Being at my parents' with DirecTV we've been able to watch God TV and the Florida Revival. Awesome! Blind are seeing, deaf hearing, lame walking...

These past two days Todd Bentley's gone over 30 reasons we can expect miracles/healings. It was awesome.

For those of you who missed it, they've got a new page on God TV's website called "God on Demand" where you can view archived broadcasts of the Lakeland, Florida revival. They're still also streaming it live on their website.


That's right! Now that there are stairs around, she's been going up and down the little set.

She's also started this hilarious habit of adding clicks into her talking. She uses them as if they're words. I got a video on my phone but verizon is not letting me download it after uploading to the computer. Arg!

Daddy Time

In honor of my hubby leaving for the weekend, here are some recent pictures of him being daddy...

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Genesis, Babel, and the Chinese Language

As we're enjoying my parents' DirecTV, we found a show in which a man spoke on Creation and the truth of the Bible. He went into how the truth is even spelled out in Chinese characters. For example, the symbol for desire/covet is a combination of the symbols for woman and tree.

In looking up some of the show's info, I found a link to videos on demand. Check them out! Good stuff!