Friday, June 6, 2008

Karrots' Newbies

First bath in the tub!

Up!...she started saying this yesterday!

Just too cute!

Also, while I was taking a shower this morning, I made sure I had some barriers up for her so she wouldn't get into the bathroom and start sucking on toilet parts. At some point during the shower I heard her in the bathroom. She had pulled herself up on the barrier and was standing, leaning against it...with a big grin on her face.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I Want to Pray for Heda

This boy cracks me up! One Sunday, after the only time I've spent with his family outside of church, he decided I was his new best friend and crawled up on my lap. Every Sunday since, he's all over me!
At church yesterday, as we were pulling in, this little guy and his mom came walking over. His mom told me how a few nights ago he randomly told her that he wanted to pray for me. What a blessing! They hadn't seen us for over a week and he had me on his heart. (His mom thinks he has a crush on me.) So, they prayed for me and the baby in my belly.
Later, during service, his mom came up to pray for something and he came running up saying, "I want to pray for Heda."
Lord, that you for such a sweet intercessor for my family and I!

New Tricks!

First off, Karrots is officially crawling...on all 4s! She took her first "steps" Sunday. Here's a video from today:

She's also started this weird thing where she sucks her wrists in-between bites. It gets all red....

She reached the container of cantelop and decided to treat herself and the floor with its remains