Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!!

The love of truth lies at the root of much humor. - Robertson Davies

Regarding my last post: April fools! We're not really pregnant...that we know of. (Because of this little gag, I just know that this will be the month I miss my period and find out I'm pregnant!)

I hope you all don't hate me. I've gotten phone calls and had to confess it was a lie. (I did a post because I couldn't possibly tell anyone via the phone without cracking up.) I posted it mainly for my mom as she has been harassing me about it since we had Karrots.

'Til next month!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Official!!

So, remember all those rumors that I told you about? The ones about me being pregnant? Well...

I guess they were all somewhat prophetic! How crazy! At least now I won't be harassed by my mother to find out IF I am it'll be about how I'm doing and if we're really going to have a home birth. SOOO exciting!

This will be a great push for us to find a new place...a BIGGER place! Big Red had hoped we'd find a house or condo and purchase it before the end of the year. It better be before THAT! I'm hoping we'll be settled into a new place so that I'll be comfortable with where everything is and won't have to be lifting heavy boxes or having a baby in chaos.

Thank you, Lord, for Your perfect timing! God, give me grace to not freak out about getting Karrots out of diapers and having to take care of an infant while Karrots is running around. This is going to be a wild ride!

OK Go - Million Ways

A couple years ago, my girlfriend and her friends did a remake of the OK Go's music video for A Million Ways. I love it! The original is below it for comparison.

Our "Pets" and Landscape

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Quotes of the Day

"The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But in our culture we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture."
- Doug Phillips

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.
- Bill Vaughan

Monday, March 31, 2008

She's Growing Up!...Not Out!

With all her rolling, Karrots' lost weight! (No, she hasn't stopped eating!) I weighed her on March 13th at 19.4 lbs. and on Saturday at 18.6 lbs.! In 16 days she lost .8 lbs.!
BTW - don't those tennis shoes make her look old! She looks like a toddler! *tear*!

Tears of Joy...

Growing up I didn't understand how or why anyone could cry from joy. I assumed I never would as I never thought I could be so joyous. In fact, it took many years to be able to label any of my emotions as I had always suppressed them. I'd have random breakdowns where everything that was pent up would just come out, but I never knew why.

Well, God's definitely worked a lot out in my life...and is continually doing so.

A couple nights ago I was laying in bed and broke into tears. I was thinking of all the amazing blessings God has given me - far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

The night he took me to see Scarlet Pimpernel - I was prego!

My husband: He's my best friend who is more than willing to listen to every crazy thought that comes out of my mouth and will stop everything he's doing to simply hold me; he's gorgeous - need I say more?!; he's been super supportive in choices made with our pregnancy and birth, etc.; he is righteous - knows the homeless people in our neighborhood by name, carries Bibles around just in case he finds someone to give one to, is not afraid to share Christ with strangers, has a heart for the fatherless, I constantly find him reading his Bible and praying - all things he wouldn't dare brag about; he loves me for me and thinks I'm the sexiest woman he's ever met; he enjoys taking me to plays; he's a genius who is constantly trying to improve himself and learn something - book worm!; he is an amazing daddy who loves to hold and play with his daughter, not afraid to show love to her, no matter how silly he may look; he's pure at heart - saved his first kiss for me at the altar!; he supports me staying home with Karrots and desires that I homeschool, which is my heart.

Karrots in her new outfit - wear crop pants to match mommy!

My daughter: First off, a healthy pregnancy and birth; the ability to breastfeed her; she is healthy, praise God!; she's the happiest baby anyone knows, always willing to brighten your day with a smile; she is beautiful, with red hair and blue eyes like her daddy...all this and she lights up for me, her mommy!

This Sunday - Theresa washing Marlia's feet

Our church: What an awesome community we have! Everyone is willing to fast things they enjoy and need because one member of our body is sick. They believe in healing and are now seeing it manifest! We pray for people, rejoicing in their triumphs and mourning in disappointments. We enjoy hanging out, whether at house church, Christmas around the fireside, the zoo, or whatever. We have so many people who aren't afraid to listen to God, no matter how silly it may manifest. Everyone truly helps out with Karrots and aids in raising her to know Christ. They support our heart for Mexico and other missionaries. We have a pastor who is not afraid to preach the truth and share his personal struggles.

My side of the family at our wedding

Friends & family: We have a community that desires the best for us and loves us dearly (that includes you Sarah-Kate!), to the extreme of letting us use their machines to clean diapers and immensely blessing us with wedding and baby gifts! My mom comes over almost weekly simply to hang out and help out; my father loves me and has pride in me enough to continually beg for me to come back to work for him - he also paid for college and a car and is the reason I don't have debt; we had no family drama to worry about when we got married; I've been able to work for my aunt and uncles, getting to know them more; my oldest brother calls to check up on me and is supportive of our lifestyles; my second oldest brother has been generous in helping us out with furniture; my younger brother and I share inside jokes; I get along with my in-laws and really feel like family with them!

Our water turtle in the koi pond!

All these things and I have a roof over my head with gorgeous landscape and a variety of animals (koi, humming bird, water turtle, squirrels) to share with Karrots, an overflowing fridge and pantry, a closet full of clothes, a car that runs, the time to blog, and so much more. Most important, the God of the universe loves me so much to send His son to die so I can spend eternity with Him, starting now! I get the hope of seeing lost loved one, the joy of seeing God active in my life, and the grace to daily start new. Wow!

What are you thankful for in your life?