Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day from Karrots...sorta...

Daddy, set your eyes on me
and surely you will see,
How very much I need for you
to love and pray for me.
As time passes and I grow,
I’ll need you even more,
To show me God’s love and grace
and what my life is for.
Teach me to be kind and loving,
sharing and forgiving,
Show me through your acts of love
that Christ’s joy makes life worth living.
The years will pass by quickly
and one day I’ll be grown,
I will pass what you have taught me
onto children of my own.
Hold me always in your thought,
keep me in your prayers,
And surely I’ll always remember,
that for me my daddy cares.

Love, Karrots

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sundae Coupons are Back!

For bigger prints, here's the sundae and the frozen beverage coupon sites.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ruby Red Chai!

I've been looking for this stuff since I tried Kalahari's Zambezi Red Chai tea. Well, that brand has seen disappeared from the shelves at Vons, where my friend got it, but I ran across some red chai at Trader Joe's today. Yeah! It was $3.29 for a box of 20.
Try it! It's delicious, organic, AND, for those nursing or pregnant, has NO caffeine!!


As we've been listening to Dr. Dino about eating right (Satan is trying to kill us with pesticide and preservatives) and we both love fresh bread from his family, we're getting a bread machine! Though I have no clue about making bread, I already went to Whole Foods and picked up some wheat berries so we'll have fresh flour, like his mom uses.

Anyone have any recommendations for bread makers or any recipes or know where to get a wheat mill for cheap?

Valentine's Day

This year was our first Valentine's with Karrots. So...we dropped her off with a friend, picked up some burritos, and headed home for some alone time.
I spent most of the day trying to make our place seem clean and not so crammed, i.e. more romantic. I cleared our dresser to make room for candles, put a nice douvet cover on our comforter, and set out gifts.
This year I Big Red got me the perfect card. It was a puzzle that, once you put it together, has a secret message you have to use a special pen to reveal. As I love puzzles it was very sweet! I got him a canvas that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" in the foreground and our names in the background. I plan on putting it up over our bed with the poster we have of our first kiss. I also got him an "Escape to Romance" massage game. It has massage oils and a spinner that gives you what to massage, with what part of your body (no, it's not gross!), and what type of massage. It was hilarious!
It was so nice to be able to spend time focusing our attention solely on each other. I think it was refreshing for our marriage! I love having reasons to devote time to each other!