Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tweet Tweet!

So, I ordered some head pieces from my friend's site that I mentioned, TrueBirds, and they're here! I was seriously having dreams about them prior to receiving them...which proves I have no life without a car.

Anyway! Here are some shots of a couple of them. When I had made my order I mentioned that I wasn't sure which would be best on Karrots. Big Red was thinking of the Simply Chic Pixie Pink because she couldn't destroy it as easily. I was thinking something red or purple. Here's what my friend Heather came up with:

I also got one for my neice. As all of the Baby Bird collection is adorable, it took me forever to decide. We ended up getting the Gold Kicking Line, which will look great in her blonde hair and go with most things!

Another item I ordered was the Peacock Feathered Friend. They're not linked for sale yet, but Heather had mentioned that if we wanted something not linked to simply ask and she'd see what she could do. I was a little nervous about getting it because I'm not THAT creative with hairstyles. BUT, I found ONE way to wear it last night:

It's basically a messy bun with it clipped to the side. Anyone have any other ideas on how to wear it?

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