Monday, December 15, 2008

True Birds

From a friend:

Hello family and friends! Today I'm happy to expose the underground project I've been working on with my twin sister, Heidi, for almost a year now. We've kept our side biz pretty hush hush as we needed to place our accessory products in the hands of the right buyers/showrooms, magazines and influentials before we exposed our idea to the web world.

Our accessory company is called True Birds. We've been calling each other 'bird' for many years and thought the name fitting! We had a big vision of a business idea and limited time with newlywedness, work endeavors, moves and the sort but after lots of passion, designing, fabric districting, midnight sewing, marketing, graphicking, photoshooting,web-site-ing (I just made up a slew of 'ing' words!)and the like we have come out just in time for the last of the Christmas shopping! Yahoo!

We've struck some luck with a great buzz about the product. We're in numerous boutiques from Beverly Hills to the N.Y.C., have had some celebrity requests for True Birds from the likes of Mamma Mia's star, Amanda Siegfried as well as the writer of JUNO, Diablo Cody. We also just recently had a request for a meeting with the hair accessory buyer from Henri Bendel which will be held next month. We've been so blessed and we love how it is all naturally taking flight!

(A quick glance of what the True Birds, web store features)

So, we want to spread a little Christmas Cheer! We're offering a 40% off coupon for all orders until December 31, 2008. This coupon is for our family and friends and their family and friends so feel free to share it!

The coupon code for 40% off is: HOLIDAY

If you want to get an additional 10% off to get a total of 50% off your entire order its easy! All you have to do is post something about True Birds on your blog and/or facebook, send us a link of your post to and we'll immediately send you your 50% off coupon for your entire order as well as our much appreciation and email smile :).

fyi: All of our accessories are almost up! For the next couple of days the only items you can purchase through the website are the adult 'soft bands' and 'baby bands' because the others aren't linked for sale yet. If you would like to order others that don't have the link to buy online you can email us your order and phone number and we can do a paypal order via phone. Thanks!
*other fyi: you enter the coupon code on the page after you enter your credit card information.

For Christmas Delivery order by
Wednesday, December 17th (11:59 PM PST)
*We would love to play Santa for you so we will pay the extra PRIORITY MAIL charge to make sure you get it just in time!

The Baby Birds are adorable! Kinda pricey, but doable with the code...Christmas ideas anyone?!

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