Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things Making Me Smile...

  1. Karrots holding things up to her ear and having full of conversations as if she's on the phone.
  2. Hearing Karrots playfully talk to herself after we've put her down to bed.
  3. Morning moments with Karrotsof nursing her in bed...adding 30 mins. to rest.
  4. Big Red coming home before 7 pm.
  5. Big Red being motivated to work on things around the house without a word from me.
  6. Karrots becoming a little cuddle bug!
  7. Finishing homemade meals - making them and eating them.
  8. Eating with Big Red. I seriously missed that during the fast!
  9. Karrots leaving in hair clips.
  10. Being almost done with buying Christmas presents! One more!
  11. Watching Karrots waddle around the house like mommy.
  12. Falling asleep with Big Red's hand on my big belly.
  13. Having friend volunteer to watch Karrots for a little while so I can nap.
  14. Karrots sleeping through the night.
  15. The baby moving in the womb just as I lay down to sleep.

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