Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pregnancy: In Comparison

People keep asking me how the pregnancy is going and how it differs from my last. Well, for one, I never remember having Braxton Hix with Karrots, with this kid it seems like I get them all the time. I wonder how much that has to do with me nursing Karrots, especially since they come on strongest when she's latched. This also gets me thinking/hoping that maybe this baby will be here earlier. And with all this practise of breathing through the tightness and Baby #2 moving through it (ouch!), I should be set for labor!

Another obvious difference is my lifestyle. When I was pregnant with Karrots I was working, which meant getting up early and taking naps when I got home. Now I have a toddler to run/look after and get naps in if I can fall asleep during her naps. It's also a little more work with her since she's always wanting to be held, especially when we're out and about.

The whole appetite issue is back. Now that the baby's taking up so much room in me, I feel like my tummy has shrunk and I can barely make it through a meal. I eat like my grandma did...slow!...and have little desire for food, which has been causing spells. Thankfully it only got really bad once, when I was driving. My vision became so overexposed that everything looked white and I couldn't see and I felt light headed. I, of course, pulled over, waited for it to pass, and returned home. I'm finding it hard to eat things that are full of protein. It takes every ounce of forced strength to chew and swallow pieces of meat. Not fun.

I've also been experiencing acid reflux. My friend recommended Papaya Extract, which has been helping, but you can only take them after a meal. This, along with my hugeness and loose joints, has been making it difficult to sleep. I already feel like there's no more room for this kid to grow, knowing I have around 2 months left. He/she's in my ribs, poking my bladder, pinching nerves leading to my legs...the whole bit.

One thing I haven't gotten, praise God!, is leg cramps at night. I have some liquid calcium for it, which Big Red used during the fast, and haven't needed it. Hopefully this will last the rest of the pregnancy.

I'm learning why moms have such a reputation for empathy...they've been through almost everything during pregnancy! Acid reflux, leg cramps, dizzy spells, back pain, (ANY pain!), eating issues, headaches without medication, colds without medication, etc., all making it easy for a mom to empathize with her loved ones years down the line.


sk* said...

Well, for me-- I didn't have ANY pre-labor contractions with Diego. And he was a week early. Donovan, I had contractions for MONTHS and he came ON his due date. :-)

Tyson and Heather said...

ahhh...crazy, you're getting close. you made me not wanna get pregnant though;). Its all good..have to go through is sometime! you are super mom without those naps, hope you get rest when david gets home:)!

Gombojav Tribe said...

You can take papaya anytime. At least I do! Where did you hear that you can only take them after a meal? I've never heard that.