Friday, November 28, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

He finished spiffing up our dining table! We got it 2nd hand from some friends and it's solid oak with a matching hutch and wanted to sand it down, stain it and finish it before moving it into the house. My dad gave us stains and Big Red went out and bought a gas mask and all he needed and spent a LOT of time getting it done. He stayed up until almost 1:30 twice to layer the finish.

When Big Red mentioned last week he wanted turkey on Thanksgiving Day (we're celebrating on that Sat. with both parents, too) he decided to make the table a major priority. We had friends over Thursday so it was nice to have Thanksgiving dinner on a REAL table, not a shakey card table. The food still barely fit. *;o)

Thanks, honey, for making it a priority and doing such a great job! The table looks amazing! A professional couldn't have done better!

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