Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apple Farm Get-Away!

Big Red and I spent the last couple nights at the Apple Farm in San Luis while Karrots stayed with grandma and grandpa. It was great! It has a country, cozy, home feel to it and the grounds are covered in beautiful flowers.

Before I let you in on our little get away, since I know this is on the forefronts on most of your minds, Karrots did great for it being her first nights away from us. Grandma said she slept through the night on Sunday and woke up for a little at 3am last night. Other than that, she was an angel. (Any doubts?)

We dropped her off Sunday and headed to the inn. It was a lot colder there than it is at home so it was very homey and romantic that we had a fireplace. The lobby also offered hot cider, coffee and tea the whole time.

As a typical couple just getting away for the night from their little one, we slept a lot of the time. Monday we woke up late, ate, and took a nap. We woke up in time for free treats and sparkling cider in the Garden Room and then headed out to see the movie, Fireproof. As the reviews say, it was a big preachy, but that was kinda the point of the movie, that a marriage works best when both partners are reliant on God to give them the right attitude and definition of love. We enjoyed it.

For dinner we went on a double date with some old friends, which, of course, was fun. When we got back to our room we finally got to enjoy our little hot tub on our private deck. It had been so cold and I had allergy symptoms that we weren't sure we were gonna get to, but it was very relaxing.

All in all we had a great, relaxing time. It seemed to all be in perfect timing as well. With my head cold it was nice to not have to take care of Karrots. Also, Big Red's grandparents haven't been doing so well. His grandma chose to have hospice at home and his grandpa is having health issues so his parents were glad to have Karrots there to brighten their days. It was also a nice travel day today with it being a holiday. We are very blessed!

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Zimms Zoo said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I love it when we can get out for just a little bit.