Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayer Request for Karrots

I week or so ago Karrots started getting little red spots. You can't see the detail, but it's dry and flakey. I wasn't too worried about them because they didn't seem to bother her and she didn't have any other sickness.

Then she woke up yesterday with a runny/stuffy nose and scratched one of the spots on her back to bleeding. This morning she woke up with these scratches on her forehead:

There aren't THAT many spots - maybe ten - but they're itchy.

I'm contemplating bringing her to a pediatrician just to see what they say the spots are. Are they eczema, allergies, chicken pox? Please pray that this will go away.
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Zimms Zoo said...

I hope it isn't anything serious. I am no good at figuring out what spots are. Hopefully it is something that will clear up quickly and on it's own.

She looks so sad in that one picture.

Mrs. C said...

Oh, prayers for poor Jess!

Amanda said...

I can't say for sure but it looks like maybe a tiny tiny blister or blisters in the red spots? It's hard to tell from the photos.

A hate to say this, but we did have an incident when my daughter was about 1 where she was bite by a spider or some sort of bug at night. She's wake up with them but didn't get them any other time but waking. We ended up having to bug bomb the house because her ped. said it was some sort of buggy biting her. YUCK! But after the bombing, which I hate to do, but no more bites after that. I would possibly take her to a ped. and see what they say

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

It doesn't look like a blister up close, just dry, flakey skin inside the red area.

I thought it might have been a bug bite at first, but not so much any more. Hopefully we'll find out soon!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Have they spread or are they just isolated in that area? Are they completely dry or do they ooze at all?

It doesn't seem like the scratches on her face are the same, at least in the picture. They are probably unrelated.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

They seem to appear randomly and really light in other areas like the ones on her back did. They're completely dry.

I think the scratches came because she was getting the spots lightly on her forehead and so she scratched her forehead at night.