Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

My hubby has been my support from day one. He hears me out on any subject, makes decisions with me (even if he feels they're trivial), and backs me up on those decisions.

As my blog proves, all throughout my first pregnancy I did major research for each test or procedure that was considered normal. He supported me when I chose not to birth at a hospital (thank you Carrie!) and on every decision I made to keep natural when the midwife was questioning me and threatening us with a deformed baby.

Holding me through a contraction

During labor, he missed work to be sure to see me through each contraction I needed him for. When our midwife was trying to force her advice, he was there speaking truth and pushing what I felt was needed. He convinced her to let me rest and made sure she knew we were going to fight her tooth and nail if we had to. Big Red was also there holding me up during pushes when I refused to lay in the bed to work the baby down.

Holding me up while I was pushing

When my dad asks when I'm coming back to work, I always refer him to Big Red. He supports me in staying at home and never complains or calls me lazy for it. He always compliments my meals, being honest about if I should try them again, but making sure I know the effort was appreciated.

Since we moved I've been spending quite a bit more money to make this house a home for us. Not once has Big Red mentioned if he thought any of it was unnecessary or wasteful. I think he likes that I put effort into being a home-maker.

I know that when I start homeschooling or any other project he'll be cheering me on. I don't have to fear disapproval or judgement from him because he respects my opinions and who I am.

The list goes on and on!

Honey, thanks for being my support and ultimate partner. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy and labor with Karrots or be so successful in being a home-maker without you. Thank you for always hearing me out and honoring me. I love you!

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