Monday, October 13, 2008

Housing Update

We're officially moved and unpacked, except a number of boxes. We also picked up an old, solid oak dining table and hutch, which Big Red is fixing up prior to moving them into the house.

As a clarification, we are renting this place from my dad. It's where I grew up until I hit 2nd grade. My dad originally told us he'd rent it to us for $1,600/mo., which is less that he'd rent to others, but wouldn't at all help us save up to buy our own place. So, when he had lowered it to $1,000/mo. we took it! Moving into a big place with such cheap rent has been great since we can now buy all the things we'll need, i.e. washer, dryer, dining table, curtains, towels and sheets for guests, etc., without having to worry about a huge mortgage. Thank you Daddy!

I was hoping to get new pictures taken since we have all our stuff in here and the carpets in, but in going through each room, none of them are finished. For example, we're waiting for Karrots' crib to come in, there are pictures to be hung, the dining table isn't finished, curtains aren't hung, etc. Maybe we can focus on one room at a time and I'll fill you in as we go.


Mrs. C said...

:] wooooo-hooo!

Birthkeeper said...
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