Saturday, October 25, 2008

Be Our Guest!

As it's taking some time to completely finish the house up the way we would like, I thought I'd give you all a tour little by little.

One of our four bedrooms has been deemed our official guest room. So far all it has is a full bed and curtains - besides a closet we're using for storage. The bed used to belong to my brother, who left it at my parents'. We bought all new sheets (one set is flannel) and bedding for it.

Guest bed

If you stay with us you'll also have access to the guest bathroom, which is across the hall from Karrots' room. We bought all new towel sets, a rug, and counter accessories (toothbrush and soap holder). The paintings on the wall are from our friends, the Spinks. My dad completely remodeled it with granite counter top, red oak cabinet, medicine cabinet, mirror, new toilet, new tile and fixtures, etc.

So for you out of towners (and babysitters!)...these are the amenities you have to look forward to!
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