Friday, September 26, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

For the past few weeks, Big Red has been working overtime like crazy...and he's on salary. One night this week he even came home after midnight. He's extremely dedicated to get this project done and to learn as much as possible during the process. While all this is going on, we've been planning our big move, with me doing most (if not all) of the packing and little trips to get it done.

With all of this going on I've been feeling kinda left out and missing him like crazy. So! Wednesday he planned a date night for us. In the middle of the week! He called to get a sitter and everything.

We had a blast...and got stuff done! We ended up going to Sears and purchasing a washer and dryer (WAY more expensive than I imagined), having dinner at Chili's, walking around Toys R Us, and spending more money at Bed Bath & Beyond for towels for the guest bathroom and drapes. All this and not a peep out of Big Red about spending!

Not only is my hubby a great provider, but in the midst of chaos, he made it a priority to spend needed time with me, which definitely fills my love tank! And in that time, he helped me get things done that were on my priority list, the whole time holding my hand and talking about nothing. He's one of the greatest stress relievers I have!

I love you honey! Thanks for making me a priority!

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Katy Lin :) said...

what a sweetherat! thanks for sharing! :) hope the rest of your move goes smoothly!

don't forget to stop by and enter the giveaway! :)

Gombojav Tribe said...

Won't you be glad to be settled in your new place!!!

btw, I miss Jessica. I haven't seen her in a while!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Awe! And we took away your opportunity to...sorry!