Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karrot's New Games

Karrot has been up to quite a few new games that have us cracking up just watching. The first is with the Russian stacking dolls I got from my grandma. I used to play with them as a kid so I really enjoy watching her with these...


Her next favorite game is with my cell phone. I've learned to lock it so she can't dial people, but on occassion she's called family and friends...after 10pm. Oops! (If you get a call from me and I hang up, assume it was her!) She cracks us up because she'll get serious as she puts the phone to her head and says "What is it?" or "What?" The video is her with my cell, but we got her a new toy cell phone tonight that I was able to record a message on. She keeps pushing the button that recalls it: "We love you baby girl!" (Thank you Dorothy and Pastor Gabe for the gift card for this!)


Her next game is with the puzzle my mom got her for her birthday. She also enjoys taking the thing apart after WE put it together.


She's also making lots of noise. Her favorite word is "What?" The day of her party she couldn't stop gasping, as if it's a word. Here's an example:


Anyone else find her hilarious?


Zimms Zoo said...

She is so cute! I miss that age. In just a little while you get to do this all over again. Yeah!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Yep! So will you!!

Mrs. C said...

She is SO cute!

Lady Dorothy said...

You're welcome!