Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Karrot's First Birthday

Thank you to all of you who attended Karrot's first birthday party. We had a great turn out.
First off, let me give most of the credit to my mom. I named the theme and she went all out. She thought of borrowing tables and chairs and got the decorations and all. Thank you for all your hard work!
We started off a little late as my mom ordered the pig for 2:00pm and the party started at 1:00pm. I also started the punch late and it called for juicing a bunch of lemons and we didn't have a juicer. It turned out yummy,though!
After rushing around and inviting everyone to eat, I almost forgot we had things to do! We had a pinata for the kids and then opened gifts and ate cake. I was surprised how excited the adults were to watch it all.
As pictures can say better than words how the day went, here you go!
Karrots getting ready for the party with her Princess hat, swim top and shell necklace
Grandpa cutting the pig

My dad checking in on Big Red's.

Mmm! Luau pork - face and all!

My second family minus the guys

Mommy and her one year old

Grandpa holding Karrots in the pool - rare footage!

Getting things ready for the pinata - yes that's part of a pool table stick

Karrots started off the pinata - quite girlie

Billy Bob giving it a try

All the kids going for the candy

Score! Jolly Ranchers!

Going back for more candy!

Opening gifts

A baby doll from grandma and grandpa! Now she's practicing being a sister...

Her favorite card: from her great aunt and uncle & their dog

Happy birthday to you...! She got her own unique piece of cake

A new way to eat cake!

She eventually decided to use her hands...

Great shot!


The mint-n-chip ice cream cake my mom ordered from Baskin Robins


Gombojav Tribe said...
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Mrs. C said...


You look barely pregnant in the pics. My fave is the one with Jess eating cake from a fork.

Nicole said...

Savor this birthday. The rest come up on you really quick. My littlest one just turned 4 last week!

Mrs. Incredible said...

Hey Mama K!
Love the photos of Jess's b-day. Loved the theme too! That was the same theme we did when Violet turned 1. It was nice and warm for a nice cool luau. I think you need to put the pic of Jess eating cake off the fork in a photo contest. The clarity is great and it has so much personality in it.

Cute little prego belly by the way!

Me on the other hand, I am huge and trying to stay away from cameras. I would like if my Little Incredible would come soon. He is making it harder to breathe. I know once he's out though, I'll miss having him in where I get to feel all his kicks. Maybe soon- I have been walking, trying to get things going. I know it'll only happen when God decides it's to happen, but I don't just want to be sitting at home doing nothing. :)

Hope you are having a great day!
Mrs. Parr