Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last night was really rough. When I tried to nurse her down, which is pretty much our normal routine for bed, she bit me, which didn't help since nursing was hurting again. I thought she might have been teething so we let her cry herself to sleep. She eventually fell asleep, only to wake up screaming later. I got up to see if I could nurse her down again, but she was inconsolable. Seriously! She was fighting me while I held her flailing around on the bed, the whole time screaming. I couldn't even touch her without her slapping at me.

Finally, I grabbed her and went in the living room, hoping Big Red could get some sleep. I really felt like she was being tormented. So, I started singing a worship song. Immediately she calmed down and rested her head on my shoulder. Wow!

I've heard of the power of worship. That God comes down and inhabits our praises. Occassionally I'll play worship music to calm Karrotsdown throughout the day or during naps. BUT, I never knew just how powerful it was with her.

Thank you Lord for inhabiting praise and for giving me the wisdom last night to sing. Thank you for the reminder of the power of worship.


Gombojav Tribe said...

NICE! I love it!

Lady Dorothy said...

If only we would all learn that lesson.....

God's Girl said...

Many a battles have been won through worship! It's powerful!

Keep singing for Jesus!