Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Realty Reality

After looking at houses and dreaming of moving to a bigger place, putting money into something that would be an investment and that we would eventually own...we looked at our budget.

Considering we like our lifestyle and being able to give (to others and ourselves), we've decided that it would be best to continue renting and to save up more money for a down payment. This would help us avoid paying for the house 3x over and hey, the kids won't care.

SO! If anyone knows of a rental from here to Azusa, that's a 2 bedroom with laundry...let us know! We are also entertaining the idea of moving in with some friends from church (who just sold their house) by looking for a place we could both rent together. There was a 5 bedroom they had their hearts set on, but that won't be available until at least Sept. and they have to be out by Aug. 29. Ideally this would be closer to church and end up being cheaper for us. Also, Big Red likes the idea because the dad is at home most days and I wouldn't be alone. (Must be pretty close friends to be okay with our soon to be homebirth!)

Please be praying for us! That we'd find a good place and would be able to save, i.e. disciplined!


Gombojav Tribe said...

You should have called this post Realty Reality.

Isn't that kitchy? :-)

Zimms Zoo said...

It is so hard to find things within a certain budget. I would imagine even more so in California.

We will probably continue to cram 8 people in a 1100 sg ft for a long time because it is way within our budget.

Phil and Melissa said...

try craigslist, you are going to probably end up paying more for a 2 bedroom, but in the long run you can still save money for a down payment, that is what we are doing! we want to be homeowners one day too, but we are in no rush either! good luck on the house hunt, I will keep my eyes open!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

There you go Daja! *;o)

Mrs. C said...

:] keep us posted!!