Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loooong Days...

From Saturday to Monday our days have been packed. That may not seem like a lot, but for a pregnant woman and her baby, it means busy times

Saturday Karrots and I spent out time out in Corona. Our friend, Mindy, had a Luau bridal shower out there. She's getting married the day before Karrots' birthday party this month and will be bringing her new hubby and parents to the party. As Karrots' party is going to be Hawaiian themed, I already had a lei and grass skirt for her. (I decided to not use the skirt Saturday because it probably wouldn't have lasted for her party.)

Karrots in her bright lei

Sunday we spent all day with our church. We had pizza and salad with our house church and after hanging out all day watched the video Finger of God. The movie was awesome and inspiring. It's about the wonders God is doing. The guy who made the movie started out with his aunt and uncle who God gave gold teeth and from there found people who would be covered in gold dust, unknown jewels found, and healing happening all over the world. If you haven't seen it, you should!

Monday Karrots and I went to the San Diego Zoo with some friends from church, the Capes, and met our prego friend, Melissa, and her hubby there. The Capes had gotten free tickets and a bunch of coupons so it was a great deal!

We both took a bunch of pictures. (When I get hers I'll probably post again.)

A Short-nosed Echidna - looked like a porcupine

Prego Melissa petting a prego goat with Karrots

Karrots standing up on the tour bus in all her excitement

First bus stop - the flamingos!

The elephants getting food from their toys

The orangutans swinging in for some treats

A bird chillin' on the bridge through the aviary

Mr. Panda

Everyone but myself and the babies (I'm pushing the stroller). The boys loved Phil, who's going to be having his first son soon!

Takin "China's Inscrutable Hulk"

After the zoo we all went to eat at Cafe Coyote in Old Town San Diego. I ordered their California Burrito, which had carne asada, french fries, and cheese. Different, but good. They are known for their hand made tortillas, which we also got prior to our meal. Yum!
Here's Karrots enjoying the mariachi music!

After getting home after 11 and not getting a full nights sleep for a few days, I'm pooped!

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Loved all the pictures. Looks like fun!