Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life Update

Karrots: Well, she started sleeping through the night for a while and decided she didn't want to anymore. Fun. She's also "reading" books now. ("Bah, bah, bah, bah!" all at different tones.) It's quite hilarious! She is quite a comedian with some of the things she does. She's also been making funny faces and holding them until her face turns red. Kinda strange but she bursts out laughing after. As far as walking, she's practically long as we're going with her and she's got our hands. She may be preparimg for her sibling with all the sharing of half chewed foods she's started. Along with her extreme fondness of cuddling, I'm really enjoying her!

She found a hole in the box between our beds and stares at me now

Sleeping...just like her dad

Enjoying grandma's dog

Loving a new outfit

Check out those curls!

I recently came down with a cold. It started off with a tickle in my throat and turned into a cough and has now progressed into a lovely head cold, complete with watery eyes and stuffed nose. As a preger, I picked up some Grapefruit Seed Extract and Zinc lozenges at Wholefoods last night. I've also been eating flaming hot cheetos puffs as a spicy food (does that sound right, Carr?) and drinking a LOT of fluid. Please pray this will pass quick! I'm not as grogy as I have been so that's good, but am not 100% yet.

Pregnancy: Going great! I've been feeling the little one moving often. It's not to the point where it can be felt from the outside, but it's nice to know he (or she) is alive and doing well! I don't go to the midwife until September sometime. I already went on a hunt for some more maternity clothes since last time was a different season.

As far as housing, we're still stuck as to whether to rent or buy. We figured out that we CAN afford a house, just gotta find something cheaper than what we originally $50,000 cheaper, which may end us in a condo. We'll see. Whatever happens, we need a bigger place before January and I really don't want to unpack during labor.

We're planning for Karrots' birthday party at the end of the month. Luau! My mom is so excited about the theme she's gone and found where we can get a whole pig. I'm thinking that may cause a lot of grossing out (for me!) so we may need a sheet to cover it's head or something. We're also going to do Hawaiian BBQ chicken and need to figure out the rest of the dishes. I'm thinking something with pineapple. My mom also got a BUNCH of decorations from a friend and we purchased some lais and kiddie baggie stuff. (All this and I can't believe she's going to be one!!)


Tyson and Heather said...

Oh my goodness she looks sooo big!!

Phil and Melissa said...

Only your mom would think of getting a whole pig!! Love you debbie :) good luck on the housing thing! hopefully you will find what you need!

Phil and Melissa said...

ps have you checked out for something with pineapple? they have EVERYTHING!!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I totally forgot to send you recipes! I'll get on that, if it's not too late.

Zimms Zoo said...

She is so adorable. What a great head of hair! Love the curls!

I hope the birthday party goes well!