Friday, August 29, 2008

Gift Ideas for Karrots

Though I wrote on the invite for Karrots' birthday that she doesn't need much, and we don't have room for much, here's a short list of things if you must get her something:
  1. Sippy cups (BPA free please)
  2. Shoes (her foot is just over 4" long)
  3. Gift cards (Target preferably as it's down the street - These can go toward a crib, furniture, or high chair for when we have room for it all...or baby food)
  4. Stackable toys that will work for bath time

If I can think of anything else I'll post it here. Hope to see most of you there on Sunday!

1 comment:

Gombojav Tribe said...

I didn't read this until just now. I got Jessica some shoes. But, I just guessed at the size. Now, reading this, I may have gotten them too small. If they don't fit let me know and I'll get her a different pair.