Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great Grandma Time!

This weekend we went up to Cottonwood to spend some time with Big Red's grandma. She's continually saying that she's ready to go home and be with the Lord so a lot of family went to visit her. It was her first time meeting Karrots and baby Zack. She's doing great! I remember when my grandma started her downfall. She completely lost her mind and was not nice about it. It was refreshing to see Big Red's grandma so coherent and happy.

The first visit we couldn't get Karrots to get near the bed. As soon as we'd sit her on the bed she'd scream her head off (frustrating her paparazzi).

The second visit she was more comfortable (and less tired) and we had cookies to bribe her.

Carrie made this for grandma while we were up there

The rest of our time up there was spent at Big Red's sister's with all the females and baby Zack. The kids had fun with kittens and each other.

Marci playing with a kitty...she eventually got to take one home

Karrots & Zack playing

Karrots' cup for the trip...a straw!

Love birds...I got a hair cut at my parents'...

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Zimms Zoo said...

The haircut is cute!
Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Mrs. C said...

Poor g-grandma. She looked very glad for the visit.