Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Wish List & Updates

As we have most gear from Karrots, it's been easier to write of a wish list for baby #2. We already have a co-sleeper, cloth diapers (but we could probably use more as Karrots isn't ready to be trained), which won't fit baby #2 for a while, changing table, car seats, neutral clothes, Maya Wrap, baby monitor, and such. Here's our list of wants: high chair (which a friend may give us hers), glider and ottoman (which another friend may give), crib (if someone's nice enough to replace to old hand-me-down we have in storage), crib sheets, a double stroller that works with car seat, a lamp, and a dresser. (*Most of these are contingent on moving as they require room, but we will need to set up a crib for Karrots - old or new.)

Along with all this, I would love to get an Earth Mama's Baby Gift Basket. I love organic stuff and have a few of the items in sample, given by a friend after Karrots was born.

They also have a Postpartum Recovery Kit which I've heard great things about, but I'm not so sure how beneficial it would be as most aromatherapy stuff doesn't work for me, and a breastfeeding kit, which includes Bosom Buddies, and if I have similar problems getting started with #2, I could definitely use the help!

I know the baby's a long way away, but it never helps to start planning!

Updates: Everything's going fine with the pregnancy! I haven't seen our midwife yet as she won't be able to find the baby's heart beat with the fetascope/stethoscope until I'm around 24 weeks. My tummy's still quite sensitive and I'm excited because I think I've felt the baby move a couple times. My weight gain isn't as much as I thought it was going to be. That huge jump of 10 pounds has lessened. I'm only 5-7 pounds over my pre-prego weight.

Karrots has been walking along furniture a lot and has developed a habit of standing up in her crib and staring at me and crying in the middle of the night...EVERY time she wakes up. If she can see me she cries. It's also been a bit of a damper on our love life. BUT, Big Red put up a little blinder last night (cardboard box) and she went back to sleep on her own the few times she woke up - without crying.

Our view: notice she's rubbing her eyes because she's tired...she won't lay down if she sees us.

She's also been nursing a LOT more - by her own demand. She comes up to me and pulls on my shirt and whimpers to let me know she wants some. I know I've been telling others that I was thinking of nursing her more as I wasn't sure if she was getting adequate nutrition (her eyes get a little swollen), so I guess it's a good thing. She's either craving it or her diaper rash is making her need more comfort.

As far as moving, we saw a few houses this weekend. Yeah! It was very encouraging for me. Maybe we will actually move prior to the baby. I'm still praying it'll be early enough that I won't have to exert myself to move and nest before labor. I have this fear that I'm going to be hurrying to unpack and nest as the baby's coming out.

My parents offered us their old house for rent, but it's pretty far for work and nowhere near anything else, i.e. church or family. It's a 4 bedroom and they're pretty much gutting and fixing it up since their old tenants left. It would be a great house and a great neighborhood, but we'd never see daddy.

Please pray we'll find a place quick...that it'll be obvious where we're supposed to be and the sale will be quick.


Anonymous said...

man, I must be behind the times, I haven't even started to register yet for my first!! are you having another shower?!?!
mel :)

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

I'm thinking of the registry because we're looking to move and to help anyone wanting to get Jess something for her birthday, too, i.e. let them know what she'll need. Yes, I'll be having another shower. It wouldn't be fair not to. It'll be after the baby's born, though, so people will know the sex and get to meet him/her.

Anonymous said...

why wouldn't it be fair not too? I am just curious, because there are some who say you should only have one, and then others say you should have one for every child? I don't know! well hopefully you will get everything you want! I am not hoping for too much, I will probably just end up buying it myself!!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Oh, I think people should have a shower no matter how many children they have. Old rules about no showers after two do not celebrate life and large families. So, celebrate away!

btw, the reason Jessica is probably nursing a lot is because there may be less milk. That happens in pregnancy. (I've nursed through four pregnancies now, so I've experienced this.)

If you want to keep your milk supply up, you really need to take in more calories!

(But, don't drink Mother's Milk tea or supplement with herbs. Some are definitely NOT safe for pregnancy.)

Zimms Zoo said...

Wow lots of updates. I am glad you are feeling some better.

I have had a small shower with each of the children, because people have wanted to do it for us.

I am hoping that someone will this time as we don't have hardly any baby stuff left. But I do have a sling!

I have felt this baby move a lot now too! I am always excited when I can start feeling it move.