Thursday, June 19, 2008


...has been a bit busy and not normal. That is to say, we're currently staying at my parents' while they're on vacation, feeding pets and making sure the boogie man doesn't break in. We also get the comfort of central air (without the bill!), a big house, a swimming pool, and Direct TV.

As we have the room here, we had some family over from up north. Big Red's sister and her kids along with his mom came down Sunday and left last night. We had a great time with them. Karrots and I went with them to the California Science Center. They have a display of fetuses from different gestation periods which was interesting and sad to see. Interesting since I'm prego and sad because they were real fetuses that didn't make it to their mothers' arms.

All ready to swim!

Karrots having fun in the water

Playing with her cousin

Trying to kiss her cousin

In regards to my pregnancy, it's going well. Tonight was the first time I've thrown up. I'm showing already and have gained 10 pounds (WAY sooner than with Karrots!), which is typical, I'm told. We haven't seen the midwife yet because she wouldn't be able to hear a heart beat anyway. If we decide not to use the doplar then we won't be seeing her until I'm around 24 weeks, otherwise we can see her early in July, use the doplar once, and then continue with a fetascope. Yes, we're still planning for a home birth and I am stoked about it!

Karrots has been crawling very well lately - and FAST. She'll follow me around crying for me to pick her up. For some reason, she's been a major mama's girl for the past week or so. I'm glad she loves me, but it would be nice to get a break every once in a while. She'll even cry for me when Big Red has her. She's also learned to pull herself up to stand and has been attempting kisses.



Zimms Zoo said...

when are you due? I don't think that I am very far behind.
I haven't gained anything yet, but I am extremely nauseated all the time.

I am looking forward to following your pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...have you possibly thought maybe you are carrying twins? I am farther along than you, and haven't gained 10 punds yet, just a thought, you might want to see if you have 2 little peanuts in there!! Good luck :) I go in for my next ultra sound on the first, hopefully we can confirm we have a little BOY in there!!!! have a good weekend, love ya Mel

Anonymous said...

ps your mom was a twin, so you have a higher probability of carrying twins!!! it skips a generation, so since your momma didn't have twins you may be the lucky recipient of 2!!!! saturday fun facts :)

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

my prego ticker's on the bottom of the blog. I'm due in Jan.

I hear that only paternal twins are genetic and my mom's identical. Plus, this is your first kid, most moms plump up quicker with the second than the first...

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying! plus didn't your hubby have a bet with your dad?! how is life? I will be off the month of July, so I am pretty sure we will be able to get together :)