Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a Strange Child

Last night Big Red put Karrots in the laundry basket after chasing her around trying to ensure she didn't eat anything off the floor or suck on wires. She loved it!

This morning Karrots decided she wasn't comfortable until she crawled up on daddy's pillow in her sleep to knocked out.

Here's a new thing for her...She loves putting her hands up in the air over her head. "Up to the sky!!"

Today my mom decided that Karrots would use the new car seat facing forward. "The seat says it's good for kids over 29" and over 20 pounds!..." Needless to say, that's not the only criteria. She's gotta be at least a year old here...

Also, I've looked into a home birth for this new little one on the way. It's WAY cheaper than what we were even expecting to pay with Karrots. Also, it'll be with the midwife who helped my sister in law and my friend, Daja, with their kids. Keep it in the family!

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