Friday, May 23, 2008

Mommy vs. Baby

We had a very long, early morning. Karrots woke up to nurse some time after 2am and then woke up again around 4:45am. As her teeth seem to get closer and closer together while she eats, I am pregnant and my milk supply is getting low, I think nursing messes with my tummy, and I was just plain didn't want to nurse her so soon, we had a battle of the wills.

Instead of nursing her, I grabbed a bottle of water to see if she was thirsty (it only upset her more) and picked her up to walk her around. As neither were what she was looking for, she continued to scream for a good half hour to 45 mins., all the time peeking over her co-sleeper to make sure I was still there, hearing her, feeling bad for her, and each peek her volume got louder.

At one point she got both arms over her co-sleeper railing and almost onto the bed. (Maybe we should lower it before she figures that one out too!)

Big Red's alarm went off around 5 and he snoozed it 3 or 4 times before getting up, which upset her each time she heard it. When he did get up, trying to be a good daddy and comfort his little princess, he picked up her...which, unfortunately, made things worse. As soon as she looked over his shoulder and saw me, the world was ending.

Now, I made up my mind a while ago that once I decided not to nurse her for a time, I wouldn't nurse her. I can be just as stubborn and mommy always has to win. I suppose with such battles, though, no one wins. She doesn't get nursed and I don't get sleep...BUT I also don't get bit.

Eventually she calmed down and slept. She woke up later to nurse, but after exhausting herself, didn't officially wake up until around 10am.

I know, I know...what a mean mommy!

Anyone else have any horror stories on night-time mothering?


Zimms Zoo said...

Most of the time it only happened when they were sick and had gotten into the habit of waking up in the night to nurse. then when they were better they still wanted to nurse and didn't need too. so we did have a few screaming fits, but we put them im the upstairs (like a split level room thing) room so my husband could get some sleep.
We didn't have to do it very often.
my bil had a problem with my nephew a couple of nights ago. only thing is he isn't in the crib anymore and his room is right next to my bil. he said it was a 4 hour battle.

Mrs. C said...

Oh, boy. It will be fun when kids #1 and 2 do this while you're pregnant with #3!

Ok, running now...

Flo Oakes said...

Blogger has been crazy! I've been wanting to post a congratulations for you for the longest time!!!

Mrs. C said...

Hey, hope you are well and getting some sleep!