Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eating Habits

Since starting solids, Karrots' been having problems pooping every once in a while. Her main diet is breast milk, sweet potatoes, and applesauce or bananas mixed with berries. Every once in a while we'll let her try something from the table that we think she can handle and very rarely she's had avocado and YoBaby yogurt. Then, of course, there's the habit she has of picking up anything she can grab off the floor or that's simply in arms reach and putting it in her mouth. I've caught her with leaves, my sandals, trash, and computer parts (too big to eat!). Her favorite food is paper. She'll try to eat my shopping list at the grocery store, the random notes we have around the desk, and any piece of mail or other loose paper she can find.

All this, and she has moments when she screams while making the face above (her poopy face). It's like she's in labor. She looks weary and has periods of rest. I read of up it and have rubbed her tummy and moved her legs. My girlfriend also suggested prunes, which I bought yesterday and have yet to try.

I would go back to breastfeeding, but she loves to eat food and it wouldn't stop her from trying to eat whatever she finds. I'm also enjoying not having the loose stool, even though it doesn't smell as sweet at breastmilk poop.

Anyone else have this much drama when introducing solids?
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Amanda said...

Fortunately my kids rarely were constipated but my nephew, that poor boy! I think for some kids it doesn't matter how much fiber they get, the change in diet from breast-milk (or formula) to solid foods can take a pretty good while to acclimate to. My SIL uses olive oil every now and again when things get bad and it works wonders!

Zimms Zoo said...

exciting comment you left on my blog. I will be checking back everyday now.