Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover Seder 2008

This year we spent Passover with our house church. My mom was able to come join us and we all had a great time of remembering God's plan for Israel (and ourselves) and grubbing on good food:


Our seder leader

Big Red reading

Deb goofing off

Our little angel, as dressed by Joy

She wasn't so keen on the berries - they were a bit cold

Making noises with her lips

Nap time...yes, she's on her back with her leg resting up on the table leg


Zimms Zoo said...

My im-laws go to a messianic jewish congregation. My kids dance with them at some of the traditional holidays and they will be dancing with them at the Arts Festival which is huge here. I will post pics after next sunday (which is when they dance).
They also dance at a stand for Israel rally. Ted Pearce sings there and he is a fairly famous jewish singer.

Zimms Zoo said...

Oh yeah baby!! I was excited when they offered to double it. I am getting ready to pick out some more. YEAH!!!

Jessica's looks hilarious. I can't wait to get mine, because with the doubled order I can give some to my SIL for her baby that is due in about 3 weeks.

Mrs. C said...

Oooh, Jess is getting to be a big girl! I thought the little devil thing were antennae at first, like a bug.