Tuesday, April 22, 2008


She learned this new trick last night when refusing to go to sleep. I guess her little tantrum gave her the energy to crawl out of the co-sleeper...or at least crawl 1/2 way out. As of this afternoon, she's able to complete her jailbreak, which can cause quite a deal of problems for us. Now there is nowhere safe to put her for any amount of time without her being able to get into things (or out of them). Also, no more crying herself to sleep without attacking mommy who sleeps by her. Oh the fun!!

Plus, we have no room to put the crib in our bedroom instead of this thing. The crib is much bigger. I guess it'll all have to wait until we move!

I love this video...you can tell she thinks it's a great game!

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Zimms Zoo said...

How cute! I can remember those days.
My 3 yo could climb out of the crib, even with the super high sides, at 13 months old. Lots of fun when we had to spend several nights in training him to stay in bed when it was bed time.
Oh the fun!!