Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Official!!

So, remember all those rumors that I told you about? The ones about me being pregnant? Well...

I guess they were all somewhat prophetic! How crazy! At least now I won't be harassed by my mother to find out IF I am pregnant...now it'll be about how I'm doing and if we're really going to have a home birth. SOOO exciting!

This will be a great push for us to find a new place...a BIGGER place! Big Red had hoped we'd find a house or condo and purchase it before the end of the year. It better be before THAT! I'm hoping we'll be settled into a new place so that I'll be comfortable with where everything is and won't have to be lifting heavy boxes or having a baby in chaos.

Thank you, Lord, for Your perfect timing! God, give me grace to not freak out about getting Karrots out of diapers and having to take care of an infant while Karrots is running around. This is going to be a wild ride!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I guess it's not true when they say you can't get pregnant while you are nursing! I'm so excited for you!! Brian and I are half heartedly trying again, but I am pretty tired and overwhelmed with Logan, so the timing is in God's hands! Kepp me posted! You are going to have your hand's full!! I'm guessing baby in December?? So Jessica will be close to 16 months at that point...fun!!! How funny that you posted this on April fools day! Hehe!


Zimms Zoo said...

How exciting. My babies aren't as close together (20 months) that I can't be to much help. But I love that they are all kinda growing up at the same speed and it is so much fun now. (well most days).
I just looked at the landscape pictures and they are awesome. I'm not sure I would want to move if I had that to look at all the time. My yard is full of toys!

P.S. I didn't have a homebirth until my 3rd and it was the best birth ever. So I hope it goes well for you too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for real, Kristin, huh?-- IS this true???

I read this last night, and I forgot to comment. So, here goes: