Saturday, April 26, 2008


As going green is on just about everyone's mind recently, I found some flushable diapers, gDiapers. What I can gather from the videos, you simply take out the diaper's flushable liner, take it apart and flush it. If you'd rather use a compost pile, these liners will decompse within 2 months. They're not made of plastic, like disposables, which take 500 yrs. to decompose.

There is also a fabric liner that you can hand wash and dry within 10 mins.

The starter kit goes for around $27 and gives you two diapers and 10 flushables. A case of 128 med/lrg flushables goes for $52. So, after the initial buy, it's about 41 cents each use, which costs quite a bit more than disposables, but you're not filling landfills with non-environmental friendly diapers.

Check it out!

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