Sunday, March 2, 2008

SEARS Photo Studio

We took family pictures for my side of the family yesterday. My dad and my brother actually showed up! We're supposed to be taking family pictures with Big Red's side of the family in May, so here are some things I learned during our time there yesterday.

The guy explained that the price of a Portrait CD went down depending on how much you spent on photos. Without purchasing anything else, it's $119.95. With a purchase of $50 or more, it's $79.99. With purchase of $100 or more, it's $39.99. With purchase of $150 or more, it's $29.99.

What WE did was purchase their cheapest collection, bronze, as it was $10 more than the CD by itself. We liked the idea of having the CD to make as many prints we wanted and being able to manipulate the shots on our own. It was $129.99 for 8 sheets (choose whichever combo you want between 1-8x10, 1-8x8, 2-5x7, 2-5x5, 4-3 1/2x5, 8-wallets) with free enhancements if wanted, the Portrait CD (the guy said it was very good), and 1-10x13. With the coupon we had, he waived the $14.99 session fee and we got a free 10x13. On the CD he also said the greeting cards weren't included, but I figure if we were going to do cards it would be through Snapfish or somewhere we'd be able to make them.

The next collection up was 10 sheets, 1-10x13, 2 collages and the CD for $159.95, so you'd get 2 more sheets and the 2 collages for ONLY $30 more. (I laughed as I mentioned that with purchasing the CD in the other package that we'd be able to do what we wanted with them and make our OWN collages, saving $30.)

The guy also talked my mom into buying a smile station membership which is $5 for the year and you get no session fees and 25% off framed photos. (Like it wouldn't be cheaper to just use a coupon for the session fee and buy a frame at Target...or just go to Target!)

I found the guy a bit annoying as he kept trying to upsell us. "Before you decide, let me show you this package that costs more and tell you how much you'd be "saving" by giving us more money and just not printing the photos at home." Next time we just want one shot I'm hoping to have the gall to speak up and only let them take various shots of the poses we come in wanting so as not to be tempted to purchase more. The guy also only took two shots of the family as a whole (which was the whole reason we were there) so there were only two to choose from, both with my brother not smiling. (Bro - Don't tell me you never smile as we have evidence in our CD that you smiled while holding Karrots!)

Another option without the CD is $7.99 for the first 6 sheets and $2.99 for others (after a coupon), which don't include enhancement prices, which are $7 more each sheet. This option could also be used with the coupon for the free 10x13 and no session fee.

There's also a package which is $9.99 for 36 portraits (1-10x13, 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 16 wallets and 16 minis). This, of course, is for one pose.

I think I will have to get with my sister-in-love to see how exactly they take their photos as most are done at home. Throwing up a sheet as a background I understand, but what about lighting? Anyone have any tips?

Tip: If you are picturing something specific for a shot, mention it. Our photographer only took landscape oriented shots of the family and I had been picturing portrait orientation. Oh well!

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