Friday, March 14, 2008

Praise Report: Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson, from our church (who had a huge tumor removed from his brain a few years back), had an artery that had a block in it that was “hard as cement”, according to the doctors. His arm was not getting the proper blood flow. About 2 weeks ago, he suffered 2 strokes in the hospital and with lots of prayer, was completely symptom free the next morning. He was scheduled for surgery to put in stints for blood flow to his arm. Pastor Rick led us in agreement that Dave would not have to go through this surgery, that God would completely heal him. Besides the cement like block in his artery, he had a “deformed” artery at the base of his neck.

The doctors did a routine procedure to determine how they were going to do the surgery, and discovered that the deformed artery was no longer deformed, but looks like any 55 year old artery. They said they may have been looking at a shadow before (We believe it was the shadow of the Almighty). During the procedure, they were able to drill through the cement like blockage as if it was “soft butter”. They put a stint in immediately and his arm has perfect blood flow now. There is no longer any need for surgery. Praise God!!!
This is the same guy I mentioned in a prevous post about God healing his family.

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