Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our IHOP Outting

We made our little trip to IHOP today to get the beautiful Horton Hears a Who creations. Aren't they beautiful? The green eggs have spinach in them and were rather tasty and the pancakes weren't as packed with sugar as I had anticipated. Yes, there are candied chocolate chips and berry syrup, but I didn't feel a cavity coming on with each bite.


Green Eggs & Ham

Karrots got her first taste of syrup!

Daddy sharing his lollypop...stick


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Looks like so much fun! Love the music! --sk*

Anonymous said...

Brian and I took our niece and my 3year old cousin to IHOP for the same thing this morning! The girls loved it, and so did Brian! I didn't have any, well I tasted the beezlenut splash. Very cute pictures you got! Hope all is well!