Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Images

I've said it before and I'm saying it again: I love my church! This Easter Janet's housechurch prepared a lovely little breakfast bar and worship service. We had a couple of the homeless people our church supports in service Sunday and a number of new people and announcements. Dave (below) was there as a praise report, Dave's wife announced another member of our church had passed a test (before we actually heard it was the 4th and final CPA test we were all cheering), one of the Korean students had his mother over, and Ramona (one of the homeless) was in great health and living in a convalescent home.

For service we simply sang praises and the worship crew sang over us God's love.

We prayed for Marlia through her husband and for Dave, one of the struggling guys of our church. Dave was dressed to the T and had talked about a desire to go to Rome and start a church, so we prayed it would happen!

We also prayed for Ramona, who in turn prayed for our church. What a blessing!

For family, we went to my parents' and hung out and ate. My mom made place cards with scripture of the resurrection on them and we went around the table, each reading a couple verses.

Place cards

Mom reading

Big Red reading
During dinner Karrots sat between myself and my dad. I attempted to feed her some sweet potatoes and asian pear I mashed for her and my dad gave her just about everything he thought she might like, like string beans, avocado, bacon (!!), bleu cheese dressing, etc. She had fun, but ended a mess!

Karrots sucking on a string bean

Note the food on her tummy...

As she was such a mess, Grandma took a bath with her while Big Red and I cleared the table.


Anonymous said...

Your mom is so cute! -- sk*

Mrs. C said...

I love your family pics. Sounds like a wonderful church!