Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spiritual Tests cont.

Well, it seems to have spread farther than I knew. The entire family we spent Sunday with were throwing up Monday night and my girlfriend who got it with her baby was in ER last night with him. She can't keep anything down and was having trouble breathing and losing her balance.

Also, last night, Karrots had a hard time. We finally got her down around 10:30pm and she couldn't sleep an entire hour without waking up screaming. I don't know if it was a sore throat (as she has a bad cough and I'm catching up with her on symptoms) or teething or what. She even threw up a bit at one point. All I could do to calm her was walk her, praying. She'd fall asleep and them wake up screaming. This happened until 4am. I got a little sleep with her. I had her in the Maya Wrap and sat on a chair and slept a bit with her and while feeding her.

After such a night, she still woke up at 8am.

Please be keeping us all in prayer. I really feel like this has been a spiritual attack because of the timing, i.e. the service on Sunday. It's nice to know Satan fears us and sorta confirms we're headed in the right direction. Pray for the faith to believe and see healing.


Mrs. Incredible said...

Hope you all feel better real soon!

Alicia said...

I will definetly keep you and Jessica in my prayers i know how it is to have a fussy baby that cries. When you know that they are hurting and u can't do anything to help them feel better but wait it out and pray that they will have some kind of relief soon.... Feel Better.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks so much! Your prayers are definitely coveted!

Zimms Zoo said...

We have been sick for 2 weeks. Of course with 5 kids we pass it around. I will be praying, because I know how it can really drain you physically,spiritually, and emotionally when you and your baby is sick.

Zimms Zoo said...

Sorry to do it like this but you just left a comment about the pantry thing. This is what I plan on doing in the next couple of weeks.
Print out a list, slip it in a page protector, tape it inside the door. Then I can use a dry-erase marker to mark how many of I have on hand and can change it as it changes. I will also leave a couple of blanks spots for things I might not normally buy, but was a good deal.
Also this way I don't forget what is all the way to back and buy more.
Hope this helps.

BTW my girls LOVE the pics of your girls. Babies are so special to our family (of course so are our big kids too :))