Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Visit to the Zoo

A friend from church invited Karrots and I to go to the L.A. Zoo with her and her 3 boys today. We had a blast! Her family has a year pass that includes two adults and however many children so it was free for us. We stopped by Vons to pick up some sandwiches for a little picnic and brought snacks.

It was great hanging out with another mom, talking about family, kids, breastfeeding...

Here's a bunch of pictures:

Karrots in the back of the two seater stroller

Reggie the aligator - notorious for escaping


Western Lowland Gorilla

Grevy's Zebras!


Masai Giraffe - a parent and its child

Black Duiker

This chimpanzee found a little friend

The Reclusive Engineer

Nubian Ibex?

Mama Tiger - The lions were sleeping...

Black Bear - he even smiled for us!

Condor - enjoying his lunch...

Our little asleep!

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