Wednesday, February 27, 2008


52/4 - Gluttony
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Every night, as we sit down to eat, I realize just how blessed we are. The night before last we had BBQ ribs, rosemary & olive oil bread, salad, veggies, and pistachio salad. We are SO spoiled. We have too much food for us to even begin to finish. We are constantly having to throw spoiled food away.
Lately I've been excusing the amount of food I eat to nursing. As I am now technically feeding both of us and she is a growing girl, I eat almost anything set in front of me...and I love it!

Unfortuntately my gluttony doesn't end with food. I pig out on movies I've seen over and over again, reading blogs, surfing the net, spider solitaire...almost anything other than reading the Word. Why?

I have a desire to read the Word for myself and discover what God wants to tell me. I've been struggling with what food is the best to eat. Does the Bible really touch on the subject? Gen. 1:29 tells us God gave us herbs, fruit and seeds to eat. Is that a command and is there more?

I would love to say that my spirit is willing to listen, but my flesh is weak for entertainment, but if my spirit were REALLY willing, I'd be daily in the Word. I make time to zone out and stuff my face and spirit with things lacking nourishment. Most of my prayer life consists of shooting quick prayers, not spending hours on my face, listening to God and struggling with issues and requests in perseverance.

Lord, when will I get it? When will my life reflect all that You desire of me? When will my questions be important enough for me to spend time seeking an answer? Change my priorities and state of mind! Get me in a routine that honors You and sets a good example for my daughter! Order my schedule and teach me not to waste my vapor of a life on things that won't further Your kingdom. Teach me to nourish myself and my daughter in Your Word.


Zimms Zoo said...

This is something that I have been working on to. We finally have gotten into a routine as a family to read in the morning. We are using the day by day bible for children. It is much simpler and leaves out some things we aren't quite ready to talk about with our children.
I constantly struggle to get up early or use little pieces of time during the day to focus on God.
Today was a good day, tomorrow who knows.

Flo Oakes said...

Great post!
I think about this all the time!

I think it's funny how so many American churches teach against alcohol consumption, but not gluttony...since to me, drunkenness and gluttony are the same thing.

We recently started eating MUCH smaller meals. At first it took some getting used to, but now we all feel soooo much better!

Instead of a 5-course meal, we'll have beans with brown rice and salsa...
Or a Chicken and veggie chili or stew...that sort of thing.

It's amazing how much better I feel getting up from the table without feeling like my gut will explode!

Plus, Josh and I have both lost the love handles and excess "baggage" we were carrying around so that doesn't hurt either:)

We have also been saving tons of money in our grocery budget, and we always have leftovers. Amazing!

We don't starve ourselves by any means. We just eat now how I think humans were intended to eat. I still love food and take joy in preparing it, but I view it as fuel for my body, and we just want the right amount to keep us going.

This makes me feel even better about the times we eat out or splurge on dessert, because it's not the norm for us.

For us, no matter if it's how much wine or bread we have at dinner, or how much money or time we spend on ourselves, it's all about moderation and self control, and it's impossible to do in our own strength. I am SO thankful for these things...these things taht are given to us by God, but can quickly become idols, because they force me to rely on Him for balance instead:)

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks for the comments! I HATE wasting stuff and it seems like every time I decide we need to make room for groceries or whatever, most of our leftovers have gone bad because we've made new dishes to not waste other food or because we simply desire to eat something else.

Another part of why it bugs me is because of it is a huge waste of our money to waste the food. Our city has a lot of homeless people and I've even thought of taking Jess in the stroller and seeing if I can pawn the food off on people who will appreciate it...of course that would involve getting off my lazy bum...