Friday, January 25, 2008

They're Finally Here!

After all this anticipation, the cloth diapers are here!:

The WHOLE stash: 2 wool covers, 2 snap pockets, 1 velcro pocket, 1 side snapping, 2 fitted diapers, 1 all-in-one, 6 doublers, and 2 hemp inserts

Fitted Diapers

Note the handy velcro fold back laundry tabs on the fitted diapers so the velcro doen't get caught on everything in wash...

Side-Snap Pocket Diaper

2 wool covers

2 pocket diapers - one snaps the other velcro

I seriously can't wait to use the wool covers. As the other ones I bought from ebay that were from charleneluvsbraves are leaking, the covers should be useful with them! I put a pocket one on her right away, but I have to wait for the ones with sewn in inserts to be washed for them to work properly - i.e. get all the chemicals the inserts come with cleaned off so they'll absorb.

I'm in heaven...

I'll try to give you all a review on all of the different diapers we have so you have an idea how they're working.

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Anonymous said...

I think we need to take you out for a day....your whole blog-blogs have been devoted to diapers!! love ya :)