Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Obsession: Diapers!

I never thought I'd be a cloth diapering mom! We have quite a few Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius diapers and I find it SO easy! We originally got the Fuzzi Bunz per a recommendation, but I got some Bum Genius because they were cheaper AND they had a one-size model.

Even though we have around 19 diapers, they haven't been lasting us more than a few days. This is an issue as we have been washing them at a friend's house in Glendora and are only out there once a week, on Sundays. The load for all of the diapers doesn't even fill the machine 1/2 way, as well, so it doesn't seem quite worth the load. get our stash up a bit, I've been ordering more!

The other week I bid on a bunch of diapers on ebay and won a mystery lot of them from a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), Charlene, who runs a web diaper store. They finally came today! Here's what they look like:

Here's what the inside of the Elvis one looks like:

If you know me, I obviously didn't choose the patterns. The quality of these ones didn't quite match another diaper I had purchased from a different WAHM, but hopefully they'll work just as well. She sells them on her website for like $8 each!

I also ordered some from Mandis Menagerie via ebay and her hyena cart. She's working on making us some custom ones (choose the size and color), but here's the one I have so far:

It's an all-in-one and has 3 hemp fleece and one flannel soaker layers. We haven't gotten the most out of it yet as it supposedly takes up to 6 washes for the hemp to be "broken in," but I can't wait to see how absorbant it is! I won that one for $9.99, which is cheaper than the $17.95 Fuzzi Bunz and $15.95 Bum Genius diapers AND it helps a mom stay at home with her kids!

She sells the AIOs (all-in-one's) on her site for $11-14 and the fitted (which need a cover) for $6.50-9 each. She also has wool products.

After getting that one, I thought the quality was great and ended up ordering more stuff from her, like the following:

Fitted Cloth Diaper with 2 hemp, 4 flannel soakers sewn in

Diaper Doublers/Inserts

I also ordered a few other AIOs (all-in-one's) and a pocket diaper to compare.

I'm stoked that I found these as we needed more diapers and I didn't want to spend the money on the brand names. They're also SOOO adorable! I'm excited to try out the wool cover with the flannel fitted diaper to see if it works better at night for Karrots. She's still waking up in a huge puddle of pee even after we've stuffed the Fuzzi Bunz with a hemp AND microterry insert. I have to change her sheets constantly!

I'll let you know how they work for us!

Also, FYI, I put the links for the diapers we use on the right column of this blog, just in case you ever need to find them!

Side note: As we weren't washing the diapers often and they were drying out, they decided not to clean as well the last run in the machine. Since then, we've used a minishower. This thing is AMAZING! It has SO much water pressure and makes it a cinch to clean the really messy diapers. It's also super handy as it connects to your toilet water and has a handle to keep it by the toilet. My mom said she used to just dunk the diapers in the thanks! This is a way to help keep your hands clean and our diapers washing better! As a result, we've decided to wash them here, in our laundry mat. We figure that without the poop, people don't have a good reason to complain about us trying to "save the environment."


Flo Oakes said...

Cloth diapering is turns women into cloth diaper addicts!
I have a really easy pattern for making your own wool covers out of old sweaters if you're ever interested.

I'm actually thinking of making and selling them online, they are that easy.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

I'd love it! And SOOO true! It truly is an addiction...I wonder if there are groups for it...

Amanda said...

Cloth diapering is SUCH an addiction, I completely agree there!
Please be careful with the wool. I've done quite a bit of research and playing with it. Not just any wool will work, needs to have at least 70% wool and it cannot be mixed with any wicking fibers like cotton, silk, etc. My favorite is Merino, Cashmere and some lambswool.