Monday, January 21, 2008

My Family

Sunday we had an awesome service! It wasn't one of the "feel good" sermons or anything like that. The Holy Spirit showed up and broke us. We sang new songs to the Lord. The music played and the Spirit moved.

There was a time of remembering. As the music played we passed the mic around and called for God to save our loved ones, the ones who once knew Him and now choose their own paths.

It was hard! It convicted me that I'm not being serious about my family's salvation. It hasn't been urgent to me. No wonder it's not happening! I don't want it enough. How can I say I love them if I'm not on my face daily asking for their souls? I pray occassionally that God will meet them where they are, will make them sick from cigarettes and alcohol, will take away their addiction to where they find it sickening, will put them on their face before the Almighty and come into their hearts, but not often enough.

This is a picture of my brother in high school. We had both been baptised on the same day. I found it today and it broke my heart. What happened? How did he go from being on fire for God and hating anything that wasn't pleasing to Him to jumping head first into sin and destruction? PLEASE be praying for him!

AND my dad. He believes that he'll get into heaven...just barely, but he'll make it. He'll have a little shack, but he'll be in heaven. Why would you want to live that way? I don't understand why you would even want to live with God in heaven for eternity if you can't stand to live for Him now? My dad doesn't believe there is a hell. He asks, "If God is SOOO loving, why would he create anyone to go to hell?" Hell/death is the absense of God. It's a choice you make.

Lord, keep my family on our hearts. Make it an urgent issue for us. Bring them to You with hearts on fire.

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