Saturday, January 12, 2008

Housing Opportunities

As most of you know, we've been on a search for a new home. We've been weighing the benefits of renting and buying.

Well, a few opportunities have come up. Now, they're all in the not-so-near future and aren't somewhere where we can just move any time soon, but they may possibly be options.

The first I'll mention is staying where we are. I visited the rental office this past week and the woman who manages these apartments offered me the position...of managing these apartments. It would include a 2 bedroom apartment as wages and is supposedly part time work. It's something I could do since I'm a stay at home mom now. It would also be a GREAT opportunity to save money to buy a house - which is a serious option for the future, i.e. within a few years. The position wouldn't be open until at LEAST April, though.

The other opportunities are with a family from church, the Spinks. In an effort for them not to lose their home AND to help us out, they were thinking of having us move in with them. The couple would move into the game room - where I used to live - and Big Red, Karrots, and I would have the master bedroom and the bedroom adjacent to it. It's sort of its own little section as it has a separate door for its hallway so there would be privacy. Their kids would live upstairs and they may work on getting more temporary foreign students.

Also, the father of the husband may present another option for us. They're hoping that grandpa would refinance his house, help them to move into another house, and we'd be able to rent grandpa's home. This would take a LOT of work and committment to happen, though, but it could happen...and it would be closer to Big Red's work.

Please be praying for us. I'm getting antsy and feel like a move is needed, which is obvious by all the boxes I've been packing lately.


Anonymous said...

ahh, so many choices! don't you just love growing up! I like your first option, since it would allow you to make an income, while still being able to be home with your little one, since you didn't intend to stay home so soon and will allow you to save up to by that dream home! but that is just my 2 cents! How is life by the way? We are weighing the options of getting pregnant within a year to two years, so I shouldn't be 2 far behind you! we should get together soon! Mel

Anonymous said...

ps now is not a good time to buy a house anyways, since we are heading into a recession, so the 2 bedroom free with pay sounds like a great opportunity!!

Mrs. C said...

Praying for you.

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

Thanks Mrs. C!

Mel, as far as buying, we hear that prices are going down and it would probably be best in a couple years (from a head guy in loans), but it would be a good time to START looking so we'd have a better idea of what we want, where, etc. by the time we're ready to buy.

FYI to all - the option with the Spinks' grandpa is not looking viable. I'm praying God will open and close doors where He leads!

Anonymous said...

I know the prices are going to come down in a few years, we are in the same boat as you guys! Just go with it and see where you end up!! I will call you soon