Monday, December 29, 2008

What's Been Making Me Smile...

  • Karrots saying "amen" as we grab her hand before eating to pray.
  • Karrots grabbing the papers every time I print something out and handing them to me. What a great little helper!
  • My husband mounting a candle holder on our bedroom wall before I even think of mentioning it needs to be done.
  • A friend telling me that she shows her mom a picture of Karrots randomly throughout the day and it brings her joy every time!
  • Having a camera that works off the bat!
  • Giving Big Red a bad hair cut...and him not caring.
  • Sleeping more than 4 hours before having to use the restroom again!
  • Watching Big Red being the greatest daddy ever!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Midwife Appointment #2

Well, I finally saw my friend and midwife's assistant, Christy, today. My blood pressure is normal. The baby is somewhat posterior. She had to pause a few times in checking his position because I kept having contractions. He is off to my left side so I get to go on to find some exercises to help him turn around. She also quickly found the heart beat (thank God!) and let me listen. I think she said it was 140 something. I also got a list of a few others things to have handy for the birth, like trash bags, shower curtains and old towels.

Here's hoping we'll all see the new baby soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope your Christmas is centered on Christ, not presents, full of family joy, not disputes, and that those you love are near!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Baby Changes Everything

Teenage girl, much too young
Unprepared for what’s to come
A baby changes everything
Not a ring
On her hand
All her dreams and all her plans
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
The man she loves she’s never touched
How will she keep his trust
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
And she cries ouuh she cries

She has to leave go far away
Heaven knows she can’t stay
A baby changes everything
She can feel it’s coming soon
There’s no place, there’s no room
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
And she cries
And she cries
Ouuh she cries

Shepherds all (Shepherds all) gather ’round (they gather ’round)
Up above the star shines down
A baby changes everything
Choir of angels say
Glory to the newborn king
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
Everything, everything, everything
Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
Hallelujah (Hallelujah)
My whole life is turned around
I was lost and now I’m found
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tweet Tweet!

So, I ordered some head pieces from my friend's site that I mentioned, TrueBirds, and they're here! I was seriously having dreams about them prior to receiving them...which proves I have no life without a car.

Anyway! Here are some shots of a couple of them. When I had made my order I mentioned that I wasn't sure which would be best on Karrots. Big Red was thinking of the Simply Chic Pixie Pink because she couldn't destroy it as easily. I was thinking something red or purple. Here's what my friend Heather came up with:

I also got one for my neice. As all of the Baby Bird collection is adorable, it took me forever to decide. We ended up getting the Gold Kicking Line, which will look great in her blonde hair and go with most things!

Another item I ordered was the Peacock Feathered Friend. They're not linked for sale yet, but Heather had mentioned that if we wanted something not linked to simply ask and she'd see what she could do. I was a little nervous about getting it because I'm not THAT creative with hairstyles. BUT, I found ONE way to wear it last night:

It's basically a messy bun with it clipped to the side. Anyone have any other ideas on how to wear it?

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

The past couple weeks I've been without a car due to Big Red's car not working and him taking mine to work. As we are actually trying to follow our budget and my husband is a genius, he has been collecting car parts and books from the library on how to fix his car. The problems he's having have to do with his oil pan (he may have hit something) and his brakes.

He can read a book and figure anything out! That's what he did with the dining table. He still has books on wood and its properties so he can become an expert. Our library consists of text books and the such, like Linear Algebra, jump roping, swing dancing, machine component design, electronics, html, etc., that he got simply to study.

I love you honey! I'm so glad I married a nerd! *;o)

The Mom Song

The Mom Song from Northland Video on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Wipes

Well, I made them! I ended up getting a container twice the size as the guy's website mentioned (he said a 6 cup container) and, as you can see, they still barely fit.

I used the recipe my friend got from her baby shower:
2 cups warm water
2 Tbsp. baby shampoo
2 Tbsp. baby oil

I did, however, play with the type of oil. I put some tea tree oil and lavender oil in with the baby oil, totalling 2 Tbsp. The towel turned out a little oily so next time I'll probably not put as much and I'm thinking of putting plain mineral oil in it instead of baby oil because Karrots has such sensitive skin and doesn't need the baby scent with the lavender in it.

A hint for anyone who may attempt this: pour the liquid in slow! It will absorb it all, but it does so slowly.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Around the Fireside 2008

This year our church had Christmas Around the Christmas Tree. Other years it was around a fireside, but not this year.

The event included everyone bringing appetizers and drinks. We all played a game and entertained each other. Our friend, Wendy, did sign language to the song "Mary Did You Know" and Karrots attempted to join her for part of it...

Last year Wendy did "Breath of Heaven". The same group did Christmas in America, a poem written by Wendy and her mother, and a Star Trek Rendition (definitely NOT "churchy") of "Twas the Night Before Christmas":

As always, it was a blast! Just another Christmas tradition we enjoy participating in...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Congratulations Melissa and Phil!!

My oldest friend and her hubby just had their first kid! What a doll! Congratulations and we look forward to meeting the newest member of your family, Benjamin Chase Wagner! We'll be praying for a speedy recovery!

True Birds

From a friend:

Hello family and friends! Today I'm happy to expose the underground project I've been working on with my twin sister, Heidi, for almost a year now. We've kept our side biz pretty hush hush as we needed to place our accessory products in the hands of the right buyers/showrooms, magazines and influentials before we exposed our idea to the web world.

Our accessory company is called True Birds. We've been calling each other 'bird' for many years and thought the name fitting! We had a big vision of a business idea and limited time with newlywedness, work endeavors, moves and the sort but after lots of passion, designing, fabric districting, midnight sewing, marketing, graphicking, photoshooting,web-site-ing (I just made up a slew of 'ing' words!)and the like we have come out just in time for the last of the Christmas shopping! Yahoo!

We've struck some luck with a great buzz about the product. We're in numerous boutiques from Beverly Hills to the N.Y.C., have had some celebrity requests for True Birds from the likes of Mamma Mia's star, Amanda Siegfried as well as the writer of JUNO, Diablo Cody. We also just recently had a request for a meeting with the hair accessory buyer from Henri Bendel which will be held next month. We've been so blessed and we love how it is all naturally taking flight!

(A quick glance of what the True Birds, web store features)

So, we want to spread a little Christmas Cheer! We're offering a 40% off coupon for all orders until December 31, 2008. This coupon is for our family and friends and their family and friends so feel free to share it!

The coupon code for 40% off is: HOLIDAY

If you want to get an additional 10% off to get a total of 50% off your entire order its easy! All you have to do is post something about True Birds on your blog and/or facebook, send us a link of your post to and we'll immediately send you your 50% off coupon for your entire order as well as our much appreciation and email smile :).

fyi: All of our accessories are almost up! For the next couple of days the only items you can purchase through the website are the adult 'soft bands' and 'baby bands' because the others aren't linked for sale yet. If you would like to order others that don't have the link to buy online you can email us your order and phone number and we can do a paypal order via phone. Thanks!
*other fyi: you enter the coupon code on the page after you enter your credit card information.

For Christmas Delivery order by
Wednesday, December 17th (11:59 PM PST)
*We would love to play Santa for you so we will pay the extra PRIORITY MAIL charge to make sure you get it just in time!

The Baby Birds are adorable! Kinda pricey, but doable with the code...Christmas ideas anyone?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Harlot Babylon

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Big Red rocks because he's not afraid to pitch in on "womanly" duties. Lately he's been helping put Karrots to sleep (sometimes without me asking) at night. We both have our own way of doing it. His includes putting her in her crib and sitting in the glider while she talks to herself. Eventually he'll get up and go and she'll cry, but fall asleep shortly after.

I love that just his presence in her room makes her feel safe and happy. That says a lot about their relationship. It's great to know my daughter has a daddy who she feels safe and comfortable with and who she loves to be around.

He's also helped out with cooking when the pregnancy makes me lazy or disgusted by food. They're manly meals which usually consist of cheeseburger without bread and plain pasta, but it works!

Thank you, honey, for helping out and being such a great daddy!

Big Red sleeping after a long day of work and coming home and changing Karrots' diaper

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Money Saving Gift Ideas

Via the Today Show, they had a number of examples on how to save money by making memories.

Other ideas from the show include:

  • Make chocolate dipped plastic spoons for stirring in warm drinks. You can add crushed candy cane, toffee, sprinkles, anything that will dissolve. Then, cover them with plastic wrap and decorate with ribbon.
  • Decorate old vases and jars for candles with cheap jewelry and silver spray paint.
  • Make ornaments. She used styrophome balls and added old jewelry she had around or ribbon.

Anyone else have ideas for great, inexpensive gifts?

House Warming Party

Since most of you didn't make it to our little shindig, here's an overview. I figured that I had to take pictures while it was still looking nice...

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Housewarming Party
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home-made Baby Wipes

I just got back from a baby shower where they gave the mother home-made baby wipes made from paper towels, water, baby soap, baby oil, etc. So, looking that up, here are a couple sites with a recipe for home-made wipes! Justpeace and Insidefatherhood.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

There are always so many reasons why Big Red rocks that's it's hard to pick a specific one.

Last night we had some friends over, one of which is trying to start a career as a photographer. We traded them a toaster oven for family pictures and hemmed curtains. So, this week, Big Red rocks for being so compliant and flexible. *;o)

First off, he wasn't so sure about sending out Christmas cards this year due to finances. It's just not a huge priority for guys. BUT, since I already bought the cards a while back and with this trade for a free session, he was happy to be a part of it. He let me pick out our outfits and suggest poses. He also put up with Karrots crying through the session. We even took pregnancy pictures, which he was a great sport about (as you can see in the pictures!).

He also stayed up late and slept in this morning so I made some extra french toast for him. So, he rocks for making family breakfast a priority as well!

Thanks, honey, for always being up for last minute plans and creative ways to remember the holidays AND for making us feel appreciated as your family. The pictures wouldn't have been the same without you and I'm sure Karrots wouldn't have enjoyed herself so much this morning without you either!

Christmas Family Photos

The other girl in the photos is the photographer's daughter. Isn't she beautiful?

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

He finished spiffing up our dining table! We got it 2nd hand from some friends and it's solid oak with a matching hutch and wanted to sand it down, stain it and finish it before moving it into the house. My dad gave us stains and Big Red went out and bought a gas mask and all he needed and spent a LOT of time getting it done. He stayed up until almost 1:30 twice to layer the finish.

When Big Red mentioned last week he wanted turkey on Thanksgiving Day (we're celebrating on that Sat. with both parents, too) he decided to make the table a major priority. We had friends over Thursday so it was nice to have Thanksgiving dinner on a REAL table, not a shakey card table. The food still barely fit. *;o)

Thanks, honey, for making it a priority and doing such a great job! The table looks amazing! A professional couldn't have done better!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Start 'Em Young!

Seriously, she started this on her own. She has such a servant's heart, I love it! The only thing is it can get a little annoying when she continues to try to take the silverware out of the dish washer when they're all still dirty.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Our pastor mentioned this movie today. Anyone else seen it or heard of it?

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Your pillow faces north when you sleep" Means Boy?

This morning I got two text messages right as we were getting up. The first was my friend Kristin, who was announcing they're having another boy (Congrats!!). The second was a friend telling me that according to the Chinese baby calendar, I'm having a girl.

Not that I don't trust her, but I just went on-line to see the tests they have to determine your baby's gender. This site mentions a list of things, like symptoms, that will give you an idea of which your baby is. Seriously...the way my pillow faces while sleeping? Another point was "You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number." I wonder if that's how the Chinese calendar works. "Your hair develops red highlights" points to a girl...which is kinda funny since we know we produce red heads.

Where do these people get this stuff? I guess only time will tell...

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Big Red is the mastermind at getting Karrots to sleep while we are out and about. I simply am not patient or peaceful enough to hold her until she falls asleep AND through her nap time, which is usually over an hour.

For the longest time Kartos took her first nap on Sundays during the service. Big Red would leave the room if she got too fussy and just held her close until she stopped fighting and gave in to rest. This has always been a huge gift to me. It also shows how much he desires me to hear the Word of God without distractions.

Thanks you, honey, for being such a great daddy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall Decor

As we actually have room and wall space this year, and with a little encouragement from my husband, I went all out this year in Fall decorations. It mostly took a couple trips to Tall Mouse and a boutique. Here's a little tour of the displays...

The painting, from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and sconce crosses, from Mervyn's, are permanent fixtures for this room. The fall garland was $15 and the turkey on the floor was under $15, both at Tall Mouse. I also got beads around the candle from there as well; gold and red are there now and I have a set of green strands for Christmas.

The pilgrims were $24 for the set and the botany bunches were 65% off, both at Tall Mouse. My mom gave us our wedding frame as a gift last year.

The two cornucopias were made from botany bunches and cones I got from Tall Mouse.

I picked this up at a boutique that a couple ladies from my church participated in. Eileen Chapman made this pumpkin.

This is also from the boutique. Lynne Garcia made it. Both of these ladies work together and make everything from home decor to wedding bouquets.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things Making Me Smile...

  1. Karrots holding things up to her ear and having full of conversations as if she's on the phone.
  2. Hearing Karrots playfully talk to herself after we've put her down to bed.
  3. Morning moments with Karrotsof nursing her in bed...adding 30 mins. to rest.
  4. Big Red coming home before 7 pm.
  5. Big Red being motivated to work on things around the house without a word from me.
  6. Karrots becoming a little cuddle bug!
  7. Finishing homemade meals - making them and eating them.
  8. Eating with Big Red. I seriously missed that during the fast!
  9. Karrots leaving in hair clips.
  10. Being almost done with buying Christmas presents! One more!
  11. Watching Karrots waddle around the house like mommy.
  12. Falling asleep with Big Red's hand on my big belly.
  13. Having friend volunteer to watch Karrots for a little while so I can nap.
  14. Karrots sleeping through the night.
  15. The baby moving in the womb just as I lay down to sleep.

Elijah-Jezebel showdown

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pregnancy: In Comparison

People keep asking me how the pregnancy is going and how it differs from my last. Well, for one, I never remember having Braxton Hix with Karrots, with this kid it seems like I get them all the time. I wonder how much that has to do with me nursing Karrots, especially since they come on strongest when she's latched. This also gets me thinking/hoping that maybe this baby will be here earlier. And with all this practise of breathing through the tightness and Baby #2 moving through it (ouch!), I should be set for labor!

Another obvious difference is my lifestyle. When I was pregnant with Karrots I was working, which meant getting up early and taking naps when I got home. Now I have a toddler to run/look after and get naps in if I can fall asleep during her naps. It's also a little more work with her since she's always wanting to be held, especially when we're out and about.

The whole appetite issue is back. Now that the baby's taking up so much room in me, I feel like my tummy has shrunk and I can barely make it through a meal. I eat like my grandma did...slow!...and have little desire for food, which has been causing spells. Thankfully it only got really bad once, when I was driving. My vision became so overexposed that everything looked white and I couldn't see and I felt light headed. I, of course, pulled over, waited for it to pass, and returned home. I'm finding it hard to eat things that are full of protein. It takes every ounce of forced strength to chew and swallow pieces of meat. Not fun.

I've also been experiencing acid reflux. My friend recommended Papaya Extract, which has been helping, but you can only take them after a meal. This, along with my hugeness and loose joints, has been making it difficult to sleep. I already feel like there's no more room for this kid to grow, knowing I have around 2 months left. He/she's in my ribs, poking my bladder, pinching nerves leading to my legs...the whole bit.

One thing I haven't gotten, praise God!, is leg cramps at night. I have some liquid calcium for it, which Big Red used during the fast, and haven't needed it. Hopefully this will last the rest of the pregnancy.

I'm learning why moms have such a reputation for empathy...they've been through almost everything during pregnancy! Acid reflux, leg cramps, dizzy spells, back pain, (ANY pain!), eating issues, headaches without medication, colds without medication, etc., all making it easy for a mom to empathize with her loved ones years down the line.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

This week my husband found the time to baby proof our kitchen! He stayed up late, losing sleep, to finish it up to make sure our baby is safe. This means she won't be getting into pots and pans, flour, cleaning chemicals, dish soap, etc.

Thanks honey!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apple Farm Get-Away!

Big Red and I spent the last couple nights at the Apple Farm in San Luis while Karrots stayed with grandma and grandpa. It was great! It has a country, cozy, home feel to it and the grounds are covered in beautiful flowers.

Before I let you in on our little get away, since I know this is on the forefronts on most of your minds, Karrots did great for it being her first nights away from us. Grandma said she slept through the night on Sunday and woke up for a little at 3am last night. Other than that, she was an angel. (Any doubts?)

We dropped her off Sunday and headed to the inn. It was a lot colder there than it is at home so it was very homey and romantic that we had a fireplace. The lobby also offered hot cider, coffee and tea the whole time.

As a typical couple just getting away for the night from their little one, we slept a lot of the time. Monday we woke up late, ate, and took a nap. We woke up in time for free treats and sparkling cider in the Garden Room and then headed out to see the movie, Fireproof. As the reviews say, it was a big preachy, but that was kinda the point of the movie, that a marriage works best when both partners are reliant on God to give them the right attitude and definition of love. We enjoyed it.

For dinner we went on a double date with some old friends, which, of course, was fun. When we got back to our room we finally got to enjoy our little hot tub on our private deck. It had been so cold and I had allergy symptoms that we weren't sure we were gonna get to, but it was very relaxing.

All in all we had a great, relaxing time. It seemed to all be in perfect timing as well. With my head cold it was nice to not have to take care of Karrots. Also, Big Red's grandparents haven't been doing so well. His grandma chose to have hospice at home and his grandpa is having health issues so his parents were glad to have Karrots there to brighten their days. It was also a nice travel day today with it being a holiday. We are very blessed!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Quote of the Day

"God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the Gift of God ? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever."
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

My Husband Rocks Friday!

For our anniversary this year Big Red is taking me to a country inn with a jacuzzi and fireplace in our room! Karrots will be staying with her grandparents (a first away from us overnight!). This trip will, of course, also be our little babymoon.

Like I said...he's great at making plans!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Call: Testimonies

Welcome to Karrots' room!

She's been sleeping in here all by herself for a few weeks now (*tear!). The day after my birthday my brother came over and went to Babies R Us with us to pick up the glider and order the crib. A little over a week after that we finally got her crib in. She didn't sleep in it for a few days though because we didn't have a mattress. As you can see, it's all finally here and organized! Diana Spink hemmed the curtains, the Dwyers put them up, and I arranged the pix on the wall. We also have some of her clothes hanging now that she has a closet!
The only thing we've changed since this pic is adding a shelf above the changer to put the wipes and the iPod, which is constantly playing worship music. I find it helps her sleep and gives her a joy and peace throughout the day.
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Prayer Request for Karrots

I week or so ago Karrots started getting little red spots. You can't see the detail, but it's dry and flakey. I wasn't too worried about them because they didn't seem to bother her and she didn't have any other sickness.

Then she woke up yesterday with a runny/stuffy nose and scratched one of the spots on her back to bleeding. This morning she woke up with these scratches on her forehead:

There aren't THAT many spots - maybe ten - but they're itchy.

I'm contemplating bringing her to a pediatrician just to see what they say the spots are. Are they eczema, allergies, chicken pox? Please pray that this will go away.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus' Pedicure

I saw this set-up at our church a couple months ago and it cracked me up...

Our pastor's wife randomly set the Avon stuff right by the picture of the woman cleaning Jesus' feet. I guess this was as good of a pedicure as he could get without being too feminine...
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Be Our Guest!

As it's taking some time to completely finish the house up the way we would like, I thought I'd give you all a tour little by little.

One of our four bedrooms has been deemed our official guest room. So far all it has is a full bed and curtains - besides a closet we're using for storage. The bed used to belong to my brother, who left it at my parents'. We bought all new sheets (one set is flannel) and bedding for it.

Guest bed

If you stay with us you'll also have access to the guest bathroom, which is across the hall from Karrots' room. We bought all new towel sets, a rug, and counter accessories (toothbrush and soap holder). The paintings on the wall are from our friends, the Spinks. My dad completely remodeled it with granite counter top, red oak cabinet, medicine cabinet, mirror, new toilet, new tile and fixtures, etc.

So for you out of towners (and babysitters!)...these are the amenities you have to look forward to!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

My hubby has been my support from day one. He hears me out on any subject, makes decisions with me (even if he feels they're trivial), and backs me up on those decisions.

As my blog proves, all throughout my first pregnancy I did major research for each test or procedure that was considered normal. He supported me when I chose not to birth at a hospital (thank you Carrie!) and on every decision I made to keep natural when the midwife was questioning me and threatening us with a deformed baby.

Holding me through a contraction

During labor, he missed work to be sure to see me through each contraction I needed him for. When our midwife was trying to force her advice, he was there speaking truth and pushing what I felt was needed. He convinced her to let me rest and made sure she knew we were going to fight her tooth and nail if we had to. Big Red was also there holding me up during pushes when I refused to lay in the bed to work the baby down.

Holding me up while I was pushing

When my dad asks when I'm coming back to work, I always refer him to Big Red. He supports me in staying at home and never complains or calls me lazy for it. He always compliments my meals, being honest about if I should try them again, but making sure I know the effort was appreciated.

Since we moved I've been spending quite a bit more money to make this house a home for us. Not once has Big Red mentioned if he thought any of it was unnecessary or wasteful. I think he likes that I put effort into being a home-maker.

I know that when I start homeschooling or any other project he'll be cheering me on. I don't have to fear disapproval or judgement from him because he respects my opinions and who I am.

The list goes on and on!

Honey, thanks for being my support and ultimate partner. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy and labor with Karrots or be so successful in being a home-maker without you. Thank you for always hearing me out and honoring me. I love you!

Who Needs to BUY Toys?!

Karrots and I hung out a bit at Target after looking for specifics. I put this adorable bunny hat on her and turned her loose. Of course, she goes straight for the toy isle. This toy cracked me up...actually, the way she responded to it cracked me up!

I love the "Try Me" buttons! This may be a gift idea for Christmas...she loves music and dancing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Midwife Appointment for #2

Big Red finally got time off of work! For this trip, we made sure to stop by Big Red's parents'. We headed out after a meeting he had on Monday and stayed the night with mom and dad. We had a special dinner and got to hang out with Carrie and the kids as well, and got some fresh fruit and applesauce to take home - gotta love it!

Tuesday we headed to Bakersfield after breakfast to see Brenda, our midwife. She's a traditional midwife and the appointment was much different than that with our previous midwife. For one, we met in her bedroom, on her bed.

This appointment pretty much covered the basics. She gave us some paperwork for us to fill out on personal and medical history information. We learned that the birth kit will be under $40. She measured my fundus (29") and used her stethescope to find the baby's heartbeat, which took a long time as the baby was hiding it right behind my arteries so it was difficult to hear over my pulse. She then checked my blood for iron to make sure I wasn't anemic. This only took a little prick so I didn't pass out. *;o) I also hopped on the scale. (I've gained around 20 pounds since getting pregnant.) No urine test this time because she didn't have any strips...not that I'm worried since we've banned sugar the last 20+ days.

The visit was very relaxing and welcoming. She loves to talk and tell stories and hopes to be considered a friend by the time the baby is born. When Karrots got fussy Big Red was able to walk out their door and check out the backyard and dog with her. It's definitely NOT like going to the Dr. No pressure, no waiting, no feeling inferior, no receptionist, no cold tables or cold hands.

From here on I'm planning on seeing my friend, Brenda's assistant, Christy, who lives in Whittier, for my prenatals. She'll either be coming here or I'll being going to her place. Christy recently became an official traditional midwife for all of you worried out there. She also has a chance of catching the baby if this one's labor is quicker, which I'm sure it will be quicker than 48 hrs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

My husband is a great date planner. He is always up for a new adventure and great at coming up with ideas for outtings. This was true while we were courting, and still holds true in planning family fun.

For one of our first official dates, Big Red began by showing up with Jamba Juice. This alone would have made my day!

The two of us piled into the car and headed out. He was determined to keep the plans a secret. We jumped on the freeway, drove for miles, and eventually parked on some random street. After we got out the car, we rounded the corner and there was a theatre. He was taking me to see Into the Woods, in which I played the Baker's Wife in high school, so it's one of my favorites! It was in a small, cozy theatre and was beautifully done!

After, we headed out to Lucille's BBQ, which is one of my favorite restaurants.

It was the first of many perfect dates. He's taken me to a David Crowder Band (my favorite band) and Third Day concert, all the way out to Santa Cruz to see Jekyll and Hyde, to Palmdale to see Scarlet Pimpernel while I was pregnant, hiking, museums, the LA Arboretum, to see Wicked in LA for our anniversary, etc.

All ready for our night out to see Scarlet Pimpernel

David Crowder Band & Third Day concert

The waterfall at the end of Chantry Flats - one of many hikes

Comparing their height at La Brea Tar Pits

Posing at the LA Arboretum

Family outting to have green eggs and ham at Denny's in honor of Horton

He still likes to plan things. He'll call my mom or a close friend to watch Karrots and then we'll go out and have some quality time together, usually eating and walking around some shopping center holding hands. With both of our love languages being quality time and physical touch, it's perfect! Especially lately with him working overtime. He's made a special effort to go out at least once a week, just the two of us.

Honey, thanks for making me feel so special by making the dates stress free since I'm not planning! I love spending quality time with you and that it's a priority for you. You make any activity fun and where I want to be. I love you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does this Qualify Her as a Toddler?

This was from last week. Now she just takes off as soon as she hits the floor!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Housing Update

We're officially moved and unpacked, except a number of boxes. We also picked up an old, solid oak dining table and hutch, which Big Red is fixing up prior to moving them into the house.

As a clarification, we are renting this place from my dad. It's where I grew up until I hit 2nd grade. My dad originally told us he'd rent it to us for $1,600/mo., which is less that he'd rent to others, but wouldn't at all help us save up to buy our own place. So, when he had lowered it to $1,000/mo. we took it! Moving into a big place with such cheap rent has been great since we can now buy all the things we'll need, i.e. washer, dryer, dining table, curtains, towels and sheets for guests, etc., without having to worry about a huge mortgage. Thank you Daddy!

I was hoping to get new pictures taken since we have all our stuff in here and the carpets in, but in going through each room, none of them are finished. For example, we're waiting for Karrots' crib to come in, there are pictures to be hung, the dining table isn't finished, curtains aren't hung, etc. Maybe we can focus on one room at a time and I'll fill you in as we go.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Prophecies for September

The following is a prophecy given by Dr. Sharon Stone in Glasgow, Scotland in the summer of 2008. The notations in RED are fulfillment of the word, but are not part of the word given.

"September is a turning point and a sign of the times. It is all about those who have made Godly alignments in this season being blessed with revelation and information in the midst of world crisis.

"I see more banks will suffer: a USA world bank's shares are in trouble (Lehman Brothers files bankruptcy, September 15, 2008). I see government in the USA bailing out mortgage giants (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Federal takeover, September 7, 2008) and the government in England cutting house purchase taxes for the sagging housing crisis (Stamp Duty Tax change announced, September 2, 2008) to no avail.

"I see a European airline failing with no notice (XL files bankruptcy, September 12, 2008). I see the eyes of the world looking to see, 'Who is this coming out of Alaska?' (Sarah Palin announced as McCain's running mate, August 29, 2008). And I see smoke coming from the Chunnel (Fire in the Chunnel, September 11, 2008).

"As I see these things, I hear the encouragement of God to His Isaacs in the earth who sow in the times of famine and reap 100 fold in the year. I'm not a prosperity preacher, I'm a prophet. And God is saying that September will convince you that you must connect to His economic system. There are always the few that are greatly blessed when the majority are shaken, threatened and fearful."

God says, "Have you positioned yourself for THE NEW? Your storehouse is not an earthly bank. Hold on and I will bail you out of your mortgage issues. Am I not better to you than any government? I will not leave you stranded on foreign soil, and I will carry you above the circumstances better than any plane or jet. And your hope is not an Alaskan saviour, but Me." I know that sounds strange, it does to me also.

"England, the smoke I saw coming out of the Chunnel is a warning for your intercessors to arise and cut off the enemy's plan to sabotage and siege England's favour in trade. Let him who has ears hear....

"God, I release an Isaac anointing upon us now!"

Dr. Sharon Stone
Christian International Europe
The ElijiahList

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're Officially Moved!

It's official! Of course, there are still plenty of boxes left to unpack, but we're settled and it's functional!

Once we're set, we'll be planning a house warming party for ya'all to come visit our new home.

Also, we don't have the internet yet. This probably won't happen for a while as it involves putting together a desk, setting up the computer, and getting an internet guy over. As this is all still Big Red should do, and he's working like crazy, don't plan on hearing from us for a while. *;o)

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

For the past few weeks, Big Red has been working overtime like crazy...and he's on salary. One night this week he even came home after midnight. He's extremely dedicated to get this project done and to learn as much as possible during the process. While all this is going on, we've been planning our big move, with me doing most (if not all) of the packing and little trips to get it done.

With all of this going on I've been feeling kinda left out and missing him like crazy. So! Wednesday he planned a date night for us. In the middle of the week! He called to get a sitter and everything.

We had a blast...and got stuff done! We ended up going to Sears and purchasing a washer and dryer (WAY more expensive than I imagined), having dinner at Chili's, walking around Toys R Us, and spending more money at Bed Bath & Beyond for towels for the guest bathroom and drapes. All this and not a peep out of Big Red about spending!

Not only is my hubby a great provider, but in the midst of chaos, he made it a priority to spend needed time with me, which definitely fills my love tank! And in that time, he helped me get things done that were on my priority list, the whole time holding my hand and talking about nothing. He's one of the greatest stress relievers I have!

I love you honey! Thanks for making me a priority!

*For those of you who like free stuff, check out The Great Adventure! She has shirts that announce "my husband rocks!" and more!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

Big Red was the first guy I ever met that I felt any natural respect for...and for who the respect has lasted. He's never been demanding or wanting to flaunt his authority. Instead, he's been humorous, appreciative, and a great partner in all we do.

One reason I was able to respect him so fully and quickly was because of his choices in purity. Before me, Big Red had never had a girlfriend, a kiss, etc. He vowed to save it all for his wife...and did! This, of course, made our wedding mean so much more. Our pastor had fun with it as well. Just prior to allowing us to kiss, he had all the couples in our crowd of witnesses stand and show us how it was done. It's one of my favorite memories from that day.

On our wedding night Big Red gave me a couple very special gifts. One, of course, was himself. The other was a necklace he had picked out years ago. When his dad gave him "the speech" and talked to him about purity he took him shopping to pick out a piece of jewelry that he would give his wife, representative of his giving himself to her. It was a necklace with two charms - a heart with a key hole in it and a key. It's one of my most valuable possessions.

Thank you, honey, for being a man worthy of respect and an example for all men and women. You give hope that purity is still possible and that people can overcome any obstacle to maintain it. I love you and am beyond blessed that you chose me as your bride!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Gifts

So you all know you are appreciated, I've been collecting pictures of Karrots in new outfits and playing with new toys. Quite a few outfits were a size 18 month and pants so they haven't been enjoyed yet.

From Lillian, along with the pink outfit below

Top is from the Niccolis (the bottoms are too big, but are the pink ones below) and the doll from grandma

The outfit is from pastor and his wife and the shoes from the Gombojavs

Bath Puzzle from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Kevin

Learning puppy from our neighbors...this thing goes off without touching it at times!

The train puzzle Karrots is playing with me in an earlier post is from my mom...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cooking Tip: Corned Beef

I made some yummy corned beef last night that we got a Costco. Simple and easy meal for any time of the year!

Just put it in the crockpot and cover it with apple juice and cook on low for 8-10 hours. The juice gets rid of most of the salty flavor. Yum!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Warning for California: San Francisco & LA

Crisis Response International (CRI) Word for California
Updated: June 6th, 2008


Dear Friend,

Several local and national prophetic voices have been warning the Body of major natural disasters in California that will occur much sooner than many may think.

On Sunday, May 25th, 2008, four prophets from Kansas City, MO, showed up in San Jose with a strong word from the Lord. The Lord had been speaking to them for several years about a catastrophe coming to California. The Lord has recently released them, telling them to go preach in San Jose.

CRI – Crisis Response International

Several years ago, God called these four prophets with a special mission to enter into regions before major catastrophes to prepare the church and provide disaster relief. They called their team CRI, or Crisis Response International. Six months before 9/11 hit, the Lord sent Sean Malone, one of the prophets, to cry out everyday for Manhattan. He was there when 9/11 happened, and a team of them worked with the local church afterwards to provide relief. Five days before Hurricane Katrina hit, the Lord sent Sean and his family to New Orleans. Again, they were used of the Lord to minister to victims in the aftermath.

In one instance they were serving food at a soup kitchen, asking people, "So why do you think this happened?" Over and over again, the response was, "God did this. We deserved it, and I repent." Hearts everywhere were tender and open to the gospel. The disaster had produced a huge harvest field.

One Monday morning in New Orleans, while they were ministering to the victims, a fiery baptism of the Holy Spirit broke out. Demons were being cast out and people were being healed. Prostitutes were hearing the audible voice of the Lord leading them block by block to the crisis center, and telling them to enter the building where the team was ministering. The Lord was pouring out His Holy Spirit in the midst of crisis.

Three Disasters

The Lord showed this team that there would be three disasters to hit America. After the first one, the church would roll over and go back to sleep. After the second one, some of the church would wake up, but most would hit the snooze button and fall back asleep. By the third one, the crisis would be significant enough that the church would wake up for good. They believe that these three events refer to 9/11, Katrina, and now what will come to California.


Prophets have been speaking for many years about an earthquake as well as tsunami that would hit the coast of California. Sean had a dream in which he was on a beach in a place he later would identify as Half Moon Bay. In this dream, he saw the waters on the beach recede far out into the ocean. Knowing this was bad news, he began to run toward the hills, tied himself to a wooden post, and water rushed over him up to his neck.


In April of 2008, CRI received an email from Bob Jones's secretary who said that he had just walked into her office and said, "Big earthquake, California, sooner than we think."

Jeremiah 11:1-11 – The Broken Covenant

The CRI team from Kansas City received repeated occurrences of the number 11-11, or 111. For example, they would show up to a hotel and get Room 111. They would throw their change onto the dresser and it would be 11 cents in one pocket and 11 cents in another. Sean would lay down on the bed and open up a book to Jeremiah 11:11. He would get ready to speak to a man named Jeremiah about California, when a friend would come up to him and say, "It's 11:11," referring to what time it was at the moment.

This and countless other confirmations showed that the Lord was speaking about Jeremiah 11:1-11, which is a passage about the broken covenant of Israel. It talks about how God's people turned their back on him to serve other idols and go after other gods. "Therefore this is what the LORD says: 'I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.'" (Jeremiah 11:11)

Then the Lord told Sean to go back and look at the Mayflower Compact, signed by the forefathers of America. It says that "We hereby covenant ourselves to Almighty God. This nation is formed for the perpetuation of the gospel of Jesus Christ" (paraphrased). It was signed on November 11th, or 11/11. America made a covenant with God when it was formed, but has strayed.

Pony Express: Prophetic Messengers Coming to California

And then the Lord started to speak about the Pony Express. For years, Sean had a post card with an advertisement for the Pony Express: "Looking for young, 18 – 25 year old riders for the Pony Express." Turns out, Rod, one of these four from KC, is a former postmaster in Missouri. One day as they are on the road, the presence of God fills the car and Rod gets a manifestation as if he were grunting like a horse. Just then as they turn a bend on the road, they drive past a truck full of horses with the Pony Express logo on the side. The Pony Express, as it turns out, was a mail service that ran from Missouri to Sacramento, with the trip taking 11 days, both ways.

Before a disaster, the Lord would always send messengers with a warning for the people to repent. He sent Jonah to Nineveh to preach repentance. There needed to be widespread revelation in the land in order for the people to respond correctly. CRI believes that God wants to rise up prophetic messengers with a message in their hearts for California. Currently they are training 44 young preachers in Missouri to come to California and proclaim the word of the Lord. There will be four bus loads of fiery preachers camping out on a mobile 24/7 prayer tent interceding and preaching all over the Bay Area. Lou Engle intends to bring 100+ young people as well from The Call to California to do the same thing.

Bob Jones's Prophecies

On Saturday, May 24th, 2008, Bob Jones released a prophecy about California, saying that "the cup of iniquity of California is full, and prayer cannot stop judgment for San Francisco and LA."

He also had prophesied that there would be a few other indicators that the catastrophe was soon to come:

There would be a great quake in Japan first, followed by a great quake in California
When you see the evangelists leave the streets, then get ready, San Francisco.

The CRI team from Kansas City believes that these evangelists refer to the 44 young messengers the Lord is sending from Missouri to California to declare the word of the Lord.

God's Heart in Judging a Nation

The Bible also says that there will be earthquakes, famines, wars and rumors of wars in the days leading up to the end times (Mark 13:8). In the midst of these inevitabilities, it is important to understand God's heart in bringing catastrophe upon a nation. He is not a big bad angry God who simply wants to punish people for stepping out of line. Rather, he does everything in the name of love, disciplining those He cares about. He allows a measure of pain to produce a great amount of good. Scripture shows that the Lord often delivered the wayward Israelites into the hands of their enemies in order to bring them back to a covenant relationship with Him.

Protection for the Righteous

The Lord spoke to the team about Psalm 91:3. In one meeting, feathers started to rain from the ceiling, followed by a random phone call from a friend who said, "It's Psalm 91:3." Shortly thereafter, a license plate they ordered showed up in the mail, with a picture of the Louisiana State bird and the numbers "913" on it.

This passage says that there is protection and deliverance for the ones who abide in Him.

"For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler." (Psalm 91:3-4)

In light of these warnings, God is not calling his people to act out of fear or self-preservation, but to seek Him and trust in Him. He is calling them back to the secret place. Although it is good to be physically prepared, the only thing that will truly prepare us for the times ahead is intimacy with the Lord.

The Coming Revival

Many have heard by now about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Florida that is spreading around the globe. We all talk about Joel 2 and the Spirit being poured out upon all flesh in the last days, but we forget the context. The outpouring is for crisis. CRI believes that the Lord is raising up a Joel 2 army for major crisis that is coming.

One day, Sean was on the phone with a disaster relief coordinator from Morningstar Ministries in Charlotte, NC, who said that it was their belief that the Florida revival is a Joel 2 outpouring in preparation for an earthquake. He hung up the phone, and then got an email with a clipping of an April 22nd newspaper article in which the headline read, "US ARMY PREPARES FOR MASSIVE QUAKE." Immediately after that, he received a second email from a secretary saying that well known prophet Bob Jones had just walked into her office and said, "Big earthquake, California, sooner than we think."

This was again confirmed a few days later when Todd Bentley was honoring the fathers by having John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill from the previous revival in Pensacola, FL, on stage. John Kilpatrick, from the previous revival in Pensacola, FL, said that the Lord told him that one day a 3rd wave of revival was coming (speaking of this present one), but this revival was going to be different in that it would be in tandem with major end-time events. He then goes on to preach out of Joel 2 and describes a vision he had of an earthquake.

History has shown that there is no greater harvest field than the one that is borne out of the vacuum of crisis. This is a kairos moment for the church to become the hands and feet of Jesus and minister in the power of the Holy Spiirt.

Three Ways to Respond

How is the Holy Spirit telling you to respond? Here are three suggestions.

Be Praying

For His people to have rest and intimacy with the Lord, staying rooted and grounded in love.
For the body of Christ to be awakened and arise out of its slumber.
For the Lord of the Harvest to send out his laborers to minister and become the hands and feet of Jesus.
For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and for a great harvest to come in.

Be Sharing the Word

Ezekiel 3:16-21 says that if a person has a word from the Lord and they have the opportunity to turn a wicked man from his ways, but doesn't, then the blood of this wicked person is on his hands. Since we have heard the word of the Lord, we have a responsibility to share it with people so that they have a chance to repent. There is still time for people to hear the gospel of Christ before disaster.

Be Ready to Serve

Did you know that showing up to volunteer at a disaster in America is a bad idea? You must be pre-trained to be useful; otherwise, you will be turned away.

Red Cross disaster training is free. There are Eight Basic Disaster Courses. Prior to those 8 classes, you must take the "New Volunteer Orientation" and "Fulfilling Our Mission" class, fill out an online application and criminal background check at no cost: Become a Volunteer

At the following location: 2731 N. 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95134

2 Courses Available Online: "Intro to Disaster Services" and "Going On A Disaster Assignment" courses must be completed online prior to deployment for disaster relief. Core Courses

For more info on Red Cross disaster training:
San Francisco: (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Solano, Travis) 888 229-8652
San Jose: (Santa Clara Valley) 408 577-2020
Palo Alto: (Mt View, Los Altos, Stanford)
Salinas: (Monterey-San Benito Counties Chapter)
Santa Cruz:
Santa Rosa: (Sonoma & Mendocino Counties)

Disaster Resources

FEMA has one of the best guides on what to do in the event of an earthquake and how to prepare in advance:

They also have a tsunami page with guides on what to do before and after a tsunami:

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to assemble a disaster supplies kit:

Other Prophetic Words Regarding California

Allen Hood's Dream

In December of 2007, Allen Hood from IHOP-KC had a dream in which he stood before the Lord, praying and interceding for revival in America. Just then, the Lord boomed, "But Allen! What about the drunkenness of California?" Just then, Allen began to cry out for mercy for California. And then he saw before him a scale, with judgment on one side and mercy on the other. The needle was pointed toward judgment, but as he prayed it shifted toward mercy, and when it came to the middle, the dream stopped. When Allen shared this at The Call in Kansas City, the Lord shifted the focus of the meeting and they spent hours crying out for California.

Bob Hartley's Prophecy

"George W. Bush would have an opportunity to show great mercy to California before he leaves office."

Julie Meyer's Dream for San Francisco

"I was standing right at the edge of the sea again and could see a great shaking. A great shaking will come right down the middle of San Francisco. It will be a city split in two, 1/2 covered by the mouth of the sea. Therefore God will stir the prophets of the nations to cry out again, 'Let the wicked turn to God and let the righteous man flee San Francisco for it is a city that will be split right down the middle. Let the wicked turn to God and let the righteous man flee San Francisco for it is a city that will be split right down the middle. Half will fall into the mouth of the great deep, the other will be barren covered by sand and the tides of the sea, no more bridges, no more highways over the ocean. They have been swallowed by the waters of the great deep.'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Think We Finally Decided on Housing!

My dad offered us the house I grew up in as a wee one for a great price. It's a 4 bedroom 2 bath with a 2 car garage and he just remodeled it with granite counters, red oak cabinets, new tile, new bathrooms, new master closet, tore the old enclosed patio (room) out to make outdoors bigger, etc. He's going to let us pick the carpet, too.

Can't wait! When I get pix I'll share...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Harvey Milk Day

California public schools soon will be planning 'gay day' celebrations every May 22 unless Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes the legislation. Thursday the California Assembly approved AB 2567, which designates May 22 as 'Harvey Milk Day.' The 43 to 26 vote occurred on party lines with Democrats for, Republicans against. Earlier this week, AB 2567 passed the California State Senate on another party line vote 22-13 - Democrats for, Republicans against. The bill will require all public schools to 'conduct suitable commemorative exercises' in commemoration of the anti-religious, homosexualist agenda of the late San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. According to a Senate analysis of the bill, 'This bill requires the Governor to proclaim May 22 as Harvey Milk Day. The designation of a day of significance triggers statutory encouragement for public schools to observe and conduct commemorative exercises suitable to the day.' 'This bad bill will teach impressionable schoolchildren the anti-religious, homosexual-bisexual -transsexual agenda of Harvey Milk,' warned Randy Thomasson, President of Campaign for Children and Families.

If signed into law, AB 2567 will mean an official day commemorating homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality in California schools. This will harm children as young as children as young as kindergarten. The Democrats are so cocky, they have no qualms about pushing sexual indoctrination upon children in an election year. For the love of God, parents and their children, we implore Governor Schwarzenegger to veto AB 2567." Thomasson said.

Fact Sheet


The Number to call is : 1 916-445-2841

This is real. It takes less than 30 seconds. It is a recording during which pressing 2 says NO.

Karrot's New Games

Karrot has been up to quite a few new games that have us cracking up just watching. The first is with the Russian stacking dolls I got from my grandma. I used to play with them as a kid so I really enjoy watching her with these...

Her next favorite game is with my cell phone. I've learned to lock it so she can't dial people, but on occassion she's called family and friends...after 10pm. Oops! (If you get a call from me and I hang up, assume it was her!) She cracks us up because she'll get serious as she puts the phone to her head and says "What is it?" or "What?" The video is her with my cell, but we got her a new toy cell phone tonight that I was able to record a message on. She keeps pushing the button that recalls it: "We love you baby girl!" (Thank you Dorothy and Pastor Gabe for the gift card for this!)

Her next game is with the puzzle my mom got her for her birthday. She also enjoys taking the thing apart after WE put it together.

She's also making lots of noise. Her favorite word is "What?" The day of her party she couldn't stop gasping, as if it's a word. Here's an example:

Anyone else find her hilarious?

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday!

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Daja linked to Katy Lin at The Great Adventure and the beginning of her weekly posts on bragging out husbands, so I thought I'd join in the fun! What a great reason to boast about my hubby!

So many things! As this is supposed to be weekly, I'll start with a recent reason my husband rocks.

As my previous post mentioned, Karrots has a fever this week. She got extremely cuddly and couldn't sleep unless she was skin to skin with one of us.

Very early in the morning Karrots woke up crying, which she had been doing most of the night. Even though Big Red had work, he got up and brought her into the living room so I could get some sleep. I'm sure it sounds like a little thing to some of you, but it's huge in a world where the guy would expect the mother to take care of the baby every time special attention is needed in the wee hours of the morning, especially if she is the one staying home. I love being able to take care of her, but it can be exhausting when it's all night, so when Big Red made a conscious effort to let me, his pregnant wife, sleep, so he can hold a fussy baby, it made my day!

When I got up hours later to check on him, he was laying on the floor with Karrots and had a blanket over both of them. Adorable! He said he had just put her down a little while prior. He ended up going into work late.

Honey, I love you and appreciate the little and big things you do to help me out and all the ways you take care of me! I wouldn't trade you for the world!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prayer Request

Update Sept. 12: Her fever was gone by the end of the next day, praise God! She's still having problems sleeping, though. Gotta get those molars in!

Karrots hasn't been feeling well. After we got home this afternoon she took a nap and woke up with a fever. Her molars seem to be coming in so I thought it might have to do with teething, but she's been acting dosile instead of screaming. She rested her head on me for over an hour and a half, not even sleeping the whole time. As much as I enjoyed it and wish she did this normally, she doesn't...especially not for so long.

Please pray that whatever it is that she'll be feeling bright and cheery like usual and her fever will go away.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Todd Bentley Revisited

I'm sure many of you heard about the drama going on with Todd Bentley after the Florida Revival. Our pastor spoke a tiny bit about it in his sermon today on Samson and how God uses people inspite of their weakness. He mentioned Dutch Sheets remarks on the downfall:

Did leaders handling the Lakeland situation make mistakes? Yes – huge mistakes. Beyond the obvious fruit of salvations and healings, can good come from Lakeland, as some have suggested, even with the recent revelations concerning Todd Bentley? Yes, but only if there is complete honesty and transparency, the removal of all attempts at self-preservation, and absolute humility from all sides.

…mistakes were made and must be acknowledged and learned from in order for us to heal, grow and move forward.

Some of my closest friends endorsed and participated in the Lakeland meetings…Should those who "aligned" Todd with spiritual fathers (which was a good thing and positioned him to receive help if he chooses to accept it) have realized to do so publicly was a mistake and could be interpreted by those watching in no other way than as a complete endorsement? Yes, they should have, especially when the event became a commissioning ceremony, complete with decrees and prophecies of going to higher levels, predictions of Todd’s increasing world-wide influence and leading a world-wide revival, emphatic and prolific endorsements of his character, etc.

...We, the leaders of the charismatic community, have operated in an extremely low level of discernment. Frankly, we often don’t even try to discern. We assume a person’s credibility based on gifts, charisma, the size of their ministry or church, whether they can prophesy or work a miracle, etc. (Miracles and signs are intended to validate God and His message, not the messenger; sometimes they validate the assignment of an individual, but never the person’s character, lifestyle or spiritual maturity.) We leaders in the Church have become no different than the world around us in our standards for measuring success and greatness. This has contributed to the body of Christ giving millions of dollars to undeserving individuals; it has allowed people living in sin to become influential leaders – even to lead movement, allowing them influence all the way to the White House. Through our lack of discernment we built their stages and gave them platforms. We have been gullible beyond words – gullible leaders producing gullible sheep.

Check the whole thing out here. It's long, but it's worth a read!

My take: I'm glad that God doesn't wait until we're perfect to use us in mighty ways. There's hope for me! I don't have to do everything right or a certain way for God to heal others or save souls.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For my Hubby: I Miss You!

Baby, the clock on the wall is lying
It's not really that late
It's too cold outside to be walking around
the streets of this town
Anywhere if you think you have to be can wait

(Baby) Why don't you stay with me
Share all your secrets tonight
We can make believe the morning sun never will rise
Come and lay your head on this big brass bed
And we'll be alright as long as you stay with me, yeah

Baby, there's just no use in hiding
The way that I am feeling right now
With you standing there baby I swear I can't help but stare
Girl you're wearing me out, wearing me out

(Baby) So why dont you stay with me share all your secrets tonight
We can make believe
the morning sun never will rise
Come and lay your head on this big brass bed
We'll be alright as long as you stay with me

Baby don't go it looks like it's starting to rain
And it's so warm here in this apartment wrapped up in this blanket


Stay with me

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Karrot's First Birthday

Thank you to all of you who attended Karrot's first birthday party. We had a great turn out.
First off, let me give most of the credit to my mom. I named the theme and she went all out. She thought of borrowing tables and chairs and got the decorations and all. Thank you for all your hard work!
We started off a little late as my mom ordered the pig for 2:00pm and the party started at 1:00pm. I also started the punch late and it called for juicing a bunch of lemons and we didn't have a juicer. It turned out yummy,though!
After rushing around and inviting everyone to eat, I almost forgot we had things to do! We had a pinata for the kids and then opened gifts and ate cake. I was surprised how excited the adults were to watch it all.
As pictures can say better than words how the day went, here you go!
Karrots getting ready for the party with her Princess hat, swim top and shell necklace
Grandpa cutting the pig

My dad checking in on Big Red's.

Mmm! Luau pork - face and all!

My second family minus the guys

Mommy and her one year old

Grandpa holding Karrots in the pool - rare footage!

Getting things ready for the pinata - yes that's part of a pool table stick

Karrots started off the pinata - quite girlie

Billy Bob giving it a try

All the kids going for the candy

Score! Jolly Ranchers!

Going back for more candy!

Opening gifts

A baby doll from grandma and grandpa! Now she's practicing being a sister...

Her favorite card: from her great aunt and uncle & their dog

Happy birthday to you...! She got her own unique piece of cake

A new way to eat cake!

She eventually decided to use her hands...

Great shot!


The mint-n-chip ice cream cake my mom ordered from Baskin Robins