Friday, January 4, 2008

Play time with Karrots

Once again, this looks kinda mean, but Karrots LOVES it! She loves being scared!

First Bath without the Sling!

Being the ditzy person I am, I called up Babies R Us to find out when I could take the sling out of this thing for her bath time. She explained the sling is for newborns and any infant or toddler should go without it. As she's over 3 months, she's considered an infant. It went well. She loved actually being IN the water. She splashed around a bit. Only thing was that her head kept moving toward the faucet. Yeah for bath time!

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Karrots' teeth are coming in!

Yes, they're her incisors and on her right side. I've been wanting to try for pictures for a while. Looking back at these and her faces, I think I look like a horrible mom. This is why my husband calls me the paparazzi when I take the camera out...

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Christmas Videos

FYI - I finally figured out how to get some of the videos from Christmas around the fireside at church. Here's Ricky's and Breathe of Life in Sign Language.

Expelled: The Movie

I'm SO gonna see this movie! It's Ben Stein researching Darwinism and why society feels they must support it or be ostracized. Here's the trailer.

Photos from December

Daddy holding Karrots during worship

Our little strawberry!

Bundle of joy...

She's Got That Head Up!

The first time I saw it (and took a picture!) was on December 28th, but Big Red said she did it the night before. She's also got that butt up and her legs kicking. She just needs to put them together and she'll be crawling!

Also...BTW - Karrots started cloth diapers on Monday! I'm stoked! A friend at church said we could use their washing machine. What a blessing!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pastor is challenging us to fast entertainment for the month of January. So...I'm not sure how much I'll be a part of the blogging world for a while. If I am, it won't be "entertaining"... *;o)

Love you all! Please be praying God will do mighty things during this time! (Even in our times of giving into weakness.)