Friday, December 7, 2007

She's so Smart!

When Karrots started "talking" we would continually ask, "Ya? Really?" She picked up on it and occassionally we could hear her say "ya."

A few weeks ago while cooing, Karrots said my name. It may have been a fluke, but she said it!

Just yesterday Karrots was laying on the bed and rolled from her back to her belly. I didn't touch her or the bed, she just rolled herself over! Now, our bed it VERY soft and she was only a couple feet from the edge so that probably helped, but she did it!

Truth About Santa

I got this from Mama Says... and thought I'd post it. My comment: Funny...and true!

Stress Reducer

I heard on Air-1 this morning that looking at cute pictures can help reduce stress, so here you go! A couple stress reducers!

My girlfriend picked this up for $2! Isn't she just adorable?!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Karrots Looks Exactly Like Her Dad!!

...At least that's what I hear all the time. Of course, I'm sure that the red hair has a lot to do with it. As NO ONE thinks she looks like me (except Dorothy mentioned she may), here are some baby pictures to examine. What's your vote?

Karrots(and the many others on this blog):

Big Red:
PS: If anyone has any others of Big Red around Karrots' age, I'm up for posting them!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Karrots' Dedication

The service went very well today. Big Red's parents, my mom, the Jimenezes, Cisco and Mindy showed up for it. Pastor explained why we don't do baptism on children (baptism is a choice one should make for themselves) and went on to describe what the dedication is. It is a time for us a parents to publicly declare that we are going to raise Karrots to know God and to make that a covenant with God and Karrots. It's also a time to ask our community for support in our lifestyle.
All of our attending family members stood up with us and our house church pastor, Kevin, prayed for us. Pastor then opened it up for prayer from the grandparents and then asked Big Red to pray for his daughter.

Kevin praying for us

Big Red praying for Karrots

When we all sat back down one of the men from our congregation, Dale, spoke that Karrots was going to be a blessing to our family, 3rd and 4th generation included. That Karrots has been prayed for by past generations and will fulfill prayers that we have within the family. I immediately thought of my dad and his salvation. This is the same person that had said she would be a unifier within our family.

After service we had a little reception at the Spink house. We ate spaghetti and had a time of fellowship and photos. I also got to show off where I used to live (in their back game room) to Karrots' parents and the Jimenezes. Kevin Spink even took family pictures for us since the only ones we have of the three of us are from the hospital. (BTW - I made sure we all wore red to match...just in case! I'll post some when I get them.) They are SO gracious for putting the whole thing together! What amazing friends we have in them!

Karrots being held by her name's sake at the reception