Monday, October 15, 2007

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Ultrasound Accuracy

This Friday my girlfriend had an appointment for an ultrasound. This is my friend who's due in November and who had complications with her last pregnancy due to Rh- blood and is continually having issues with the doctors at Kaiser, like prescribing her medication that she found wasn't recommended for pregnant women and was for the symptoms she didn't have.

Well, in this visit, the technician wasn't any brighter. First, he wouldn't tell her the information he was finding. She did catch the screen and got him to confirm the size of the baby's head and he told her to expect a call from her doctor to talk about induction since these readings said she was due in 5 days, which is like a month before she knows she's due. (Sound familiar?!) Then, he told her that the info isn't as accurate this late in the pregnancy since the baby is bigger and then in another breath explained there are no errors in the readings from ultrasounds.

I'm officially upset at these hypocritical people who mess with women's pregnancies because of inaccurate info. If the machine is so correct, then the tech simply doesn't know how to use it. These people shouldn't just go by what they "find", they need to at least talk to the mothers about the possible dates of conception.

According to this article:

It is very clear from the research that the effectiveness of the ultrasound depends greatly on the quality of the equipment used and the skill of the technician using it.

...consumer health advocates have found that many technicians and doctors are inadequately and inconsistently trained in using ultrasound.

Side note - They also quote:

There have been many concerns about the safety of ultrasound. Because ultrasound is energy, the question becomes "What is this energy doing to my tissues or my baby?" There have been some reports of low birthweight babies being born to mothers who had frequent ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. The two major possibilities with ultrasound are as follows:

development of heat - tissues or water absorb the ultrasound energy which increases their temperature locally

formation of bubbles (cavitation) - when dissolved gases come out of solution due to local heat caused by ultrasound

However, there have been no substantiated ill-effects of ultrasound documented in studies in either humans or animals. This being said, ultrasound should still be used only when necessary (i.e. better to be cautious).

I have lost all faith in ultrasound accuracy. Whether it's the technicians' fault or the machine, both my friend and I have been misdiagnosed as to our due dates and, if we were the gullible, impressionable women who believe doctors are gods, we could have been convinced to be induced, which would probably lead to MANY health issues with our babies, including lung problems, all leading to weeks in NICU and life time sickness.

Thank you Kaiser and Dr. perintologist at Whittier Pres for your inaccurate guesses as to our due dates. Please keep these opinions to yourself and drop the ridiculous charges. I see why my insurance won't cover're not worth your bill.